Ideal campsites you must check in in Dong Nai

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Ideal campsites you must check in in Dong Nai
Not as beautiful as Saigon or romantic as Da Lat, Dong Nai owns the peaceful beauty of hills, streams, villages, rocks, and powerful waterfalls. Therefore, there are many ideal campsites which are suitable for going camping or picnics after hard-working days.

  • Bo Cap Vang (Gold Scorpion) – Interesting Ecotourism

    Bo Cap Vang (Gold Scorpion) – Interesting EcotourismBo Cap Vang (Gold Scorpion) – Interesting Ecotourism

    Bo Cap Vang Ecotourism is located at Hamlet 3, Phuoc Khanh Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province. It only takes an hour to go to Bo Cap Vang from Ho Chi Minh by motobike, so many visitors choose this place to immerse in fresh and peaceful space of nature.
    Bo Cap Vang is a small isle surrounded by water with a large area. Besides, this place also attracts tourists because of its pure beauty. If you love the short trip to explore the Vietnamese countryside scenery, Bo Cap Vang is the best choice for you.
    Bo Cap Vang is remarkable with fun activities for the group or team-building. Guests will be provided tools for games such as tug of war, stilt, scarf, duck feet. Especially, this is the first place that provides the terrain bikes to explore the eco-tourism. Moreover, there are also some extreme games such as balancing floats, tarzan rope swing, bridge jumping, water wheel boating and terrain racing so that visitors are no longer restrained in the usual rituals but relaxed in the soul of young enthusiasm.

  • Giang Dien Waterfall

    Giang Dien WaterfallGiang Dien Waterfall

    If you love the majestic waterfalls with the cliffs, the roar of the waterfall, you should not miss Giang Dien Waterfall. Located in Giang Dien Commune, Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province, it attracts young people by the pristine beauty of nature.
    Giang Dien originated from an interesting legend. Village patriarchs told that Ma ethnic minority lived in this place many years ago. At that time, there was a couple who loved each other very much but they could not get marriage and committed suicide here. This stream turned into two waterfalls namely Chàng and Nàng or called Đôi.
    Especially, this waterfall is very safe, you can go camping with your friends overnight here. Giang Dien Waterfall is often chosen as a favorite place for team-buiding or group activities to connect with friends and colleagues due to its many large lawns and diverse terrain.

  • Mango Garden

    Mango GardenMango Garden

    Considered as a travel destination and special cuisine in Dong Nai, Mango Garden with a pure and strange space including mountains, bamboo forests, rivers and communal houses.
    Coming to Mango Garden, you seem to lose in the wild world of pretty African ostriches or crocodiles with sharp teeth. You also have the opportunity to experience the feeling of both eager and fearful, curious as well as afraid to play with tigers, watch the exciting performances of python, porcupine, wild boar and other animals, which give you very relaxing moments.

  • Buu Long Tourist Park

    Buu Long Tourist ParkBuu Long Tourist Park

    Located at the center of Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province about 6km, Buu Long looks like miniature park with peaceful setting and pristine. For those wishing to enjoy the tranquility and mystery of nature, Buu Long tourist park could be an ideal place.
    Coming to Buu Long, tourists can see 35-meter high oasis in the middle of the lake which preserves hundreds of species of rare birds. Visitors can take a trip around the lake on a boat or witness giant stone dragons, mermaids, communal houses and many other interesting attractions.
    One highlight that many tourists are interested in Buu Long is sightseeing temple. You can along the coastal road to the mountain to the temple or to Buu Long, Son caves (also called the Temple Cave) is situated on the mountain Long An. You may also participate in other fun activities such as canoeing, rope swings, riding, fishing, swimming, camping activities, dinner night, campfire as well as the exciting experiences.

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