Top destinations in Dong Nai that you cannot miss

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Top destinations in Dong Nai that you cannot miss
Dong Nai is an ideal place for a quick weekend trip. Located not so far from Ho Chi Minh City, this province unexpectedly has some spectacular sightseeings that can be on par with those from the Central Highlands.

  • Giang Dien Waterfall

    Giang Dien WaterfallGiang Dien Waterfall

    45 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, Giang Dien waterfall is an ideal place for team building programs. It covers 67-hectacre wide space with a green grass cover, waterfall, stream, lake, and forest. The waterfall is much closer to HCM City than Dalat and other hilly resort towns. The name reveals the place's history - Giang Dien means "water field" so that it is likely that the area used to be a field.

  • Ba Zot Waterfall

    Ba Zot WaterfallBa Zot Waterfall

    Ba Zot Waterfall is located in Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai Province. Ba Zot lies on the La Nga River. The stream at Ba Zot Waterfall flows rapidly and pours over the edge in three falls, which are best viewed from upstream if you want to capture their full grandeur and beauty. Pedal-boating on the quieter sides of the waterfall, as well as camping, are also considered fun activities.

  • Tri An Lake

    Tri An LakeTri An Lake

    Tri An Lake is a rather isolated area, rarely known by tourists. Tri An Lake is a man-made lake that stores water for the Tri An Power Plant in the southern Dong Nai. The lake is 323 sq km with islands of various sizes. This place is a perfect for weekend picnics and camping. The area nearby the lake is thinly populated and have few vehicles pass by, leaving visitors to enjoy the absolute peace. Locals here live an uneventful life. Every day, they sail their boats to catch fish in the lake then sell them to faraway markets.

  • Tan Trieu village

    Tan Trieu villageTan Trieu village

    Tan Trieu grapefruit village located in Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province. It is about 3km form Bien Hoa city. The village remains a peaceful and quiet place with grapefruit gardens. Every year, Tan Trieu village welcomes thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists to the village to enjoy the beauty and savour the taste of the grapefruits. Tan Trieu grapefruit is not just the local area but also well-known nationwide and overseas.

  • Dong Nai golf resort

    Dong Nai golf resortDong Nai golf resort

    Located along National Highway No. 1, Dong Nai Golf Resort is on Trang Bom Town, Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province. It takes about one hour ride from downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Occupying an area of about 300 hectares of magnificent tropical country-side, the resort provides natural landscape and perfect environment for an ideal round of golf. In addition to the picturesque 36-hole course, the resort offers many activities for non-golfers as well like horse riding or just relax with a Mai Tai on the veranda of their spacious and fully-equipped villa while the kids frolic in the children's playground.

  • Tran Bien Temple of Literature

    Tran Bien Temple of LiteratureTran Bien Temple of Literature

    Tran Bien Temple of Literature, built in 1715 under King Nguyen Phuc Chu, was the first temple of its kind in the South. It is a place to honor Confucius and also serves as an educational center. Tourists in Vietnam travel will learn a great deal about the history of Vietnam through the stories of the national heroes and icons.

  • Doi Cave

    Doi CaveDoi Cave

    Located in Tan Phu District, Doi Cave is four meters high and 10 meters wide at the largest part, with some parts the height of an average person. Scientists also found copious amounts of mud on the floor of the rocky cave. Bats, snakes, centipedes, scorpions, and amphibians were also found inhabiting the cave. Therefore, local authorities have set up signboards banning people from catching bats in the cave to protect its biodiversity.

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