Kayaking in Ha Long Bay

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Kayaking in Ha Long Bay
Kayaking is a new way to explore deeper into Ha Long Bay. It’s an exciting activity for tourists, especially for adventure-lovers. Nowadays, kayaking is even more popular in Ha Long as it has become a must-do thing in many tourists’ bucket list.

  • A new activity in tourism

    A new activity in tourismA new activity in tourism

    Each kayak boat can carry 2 people. It may be difficult to kayak at first but after being used to it, kayaking can escalate into a new level of excitement. It's a brand new feeling to be able to sail around the caves in Ha Long Bay all by oneself. The most suitable places to kayak are the Luon Cave, Three Peaches Island, Ba Ham Lake, Dau Be Island and Co Cave.

  • A new experience

    A new experienceA new experience

    According to some tourists, when kayaking through low caves, they can touch the caves' ceiling. It's a new experience that most of them didn't go through before. Another plus for this activity is the affordable price. However, since it's an extreme sport, many tourists still feel shy of kayaking for fear of their safety.

  • Kayaking rental service

    Kayaking rental serviceKayaking rental service

    To be able to rent a kayak boat, tourists can join some of the special tours where they can kayak around Ha Long and live on luxury yachts overnight. There are also some individual rental services where they charge 150,000 VND/boat per hour - a reasonable price for an experience of the lifetime.

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