Must-visit museums in Taipei, Taiwan

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Must-visit museums in Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei is home to countless tourist attractions and museums, but with so many to see and many travelers only staying in the capital for a few short days, it is nearly impossible to visit them all. With that in mind here are some of the best museums in Taiwan‘s wonderful capital city.

  • National Palace Museum

    National Palace MuseumNational Palace Museum

    From calligraphy to paintings to pottery to all sorts of jade, the National Palace Museum in Taipei is a must. Not only does the museum boast a magnificent viewpoint, but it is full of history that will keep you entertained for a long time.

    It features permanent and temporary exhibitions on topics as diverse as Buddhist Art, The Art and Culture of Tea, and Asian Textiles. It is also home to a highly regarded Children’s Creative Center where youngsters of all ages can learn more about the diversity of South-Asian culture.

  • National Taiwan Science Education Center

    National Taiwan Science Education CenterNational Taiwan Science Education Center

    The National Taiwan Science Education Center in Taipei is another of Taiwan’s popular science museums. It had more than 2.8 million visitors last year. It features some wonderful high-tech facilities and attractions including a Turbo-Ride 3D Theatre, an Earthquake Theatre, a Kids Learning and Discovery Playground, and a Science Laboratory.

    There are permanent exhibitions on both life sciences and material sciences which offer compelling insights for visitors of all ages. And the museum also hosts some hugely popular temporary exhibitions, with upcoming highlights including a semiconductor innovation exhibit, a Peppa Pig event, and an interactive "Crazy Bubble" exhibition.

  • Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

    Miniatures Museum of TaiwanMiniatures Museum of Taiwan

    The name of the museum alone lets you know that you are in for a treat, albeit a bite-sized one. Found within the Zhongshan District in Taipei City, the conveniently located attraction hosts reproductions of architectural marvels and historical events from around the world that typically to follow a 1:12 standard scale of accuracy, or half scale at 1:24.

    The attention to detail within the items housed in the ongoing exhibition are mind-blowing, and you can spend hours taking it all in. There are dolls and dollhouses, mini-mansions, vehicles, railway tracks, castles, battlefields, victorian homes, holiday scenes, exotic lands, horse drawn carriages, fairytale settings, and everything else creative minds can conjure. If it all sounds a little crazy, that’s because it is, which is what makes a visit to this museum fun for everyone.

  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum

    Taipei Fine Arts MuseumTaipei Fine Arts Museum

    The Museum of Fine Arts is ideally located in the Taipei Expo Park. Visitors can enjoy walks through the park, floral exhibitions, and an outdoor covered food court. The museum itself is home to some of Taiwan’s best fine art pieces, and although the national museum is located in Taichung, the Taipei branch is still an interesting place to visit.Aside from the permanent exhibits, there are temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

  • Suho Paper Memorial Museum

    Suho Paper Memorial MuseumSuho Paper Memorial Museum

    This is one of the most unique museums in Asia. It is a museum on the subject of paper, but specifically on the making of paper. Its interior is four stories and very well done. After watching a short video on the process of paper making and a little history, you head up to the roof and actually make some paper.

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