Things to do when traveling to Taipei, Taiwan

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Things to do when traveling to Taipei, Taiwan
When thinking of Taipei, the incredible building Taipei 101 will undoubtedly spring to mind. The beautiful capital of Taiwan is a city rich in culture and history and offers so many things not only visiting this trademark building. Here are just a few of the many interesting activities this city has to offer.

  • Walk in Danshui’s Old Street

    Walk in Danshui’s Old StreetWalk in Danshui’s Old Street

    Once a thriving port, Danshui is now more of a tourist destination than a commercial hub. And Old Street is one of its most popular attractions. Lined with stores and street vendors offering everything from local street food to souvenirs, this street is a hive of activity on weekends.

    There are also quite a few things to see and do around Danshui, such as visiting the old customs house or taking a walk along the promenade. So it’s a great spot to spend an afternoon or even an entire day.

  • Enjoy the hot springs at Wulai

    Enjoy the hot springs at WulaiEnjoy the hot springs at Wulai

    Wulai is a small village located outside the city but well worth the trip. This place is famed for its hot springs, and there are several hot spring hotels where visitors can book a room for a few hours and relax in privacy. For the more adventurous thing, there is a public hot spring located on the riverside.

    Moreover, there is also a cable car ride that takes visitors to a wonderful waterfall as well as an aboriginal village where they can enjoy local cuisine and buy some handicrafts and souvenirs.

  • Shop till you drop at Shilin Night Market

    Shop till you drop at Shilin Night MarketShop till you drop at Shilin Night Market

    Xinyi and Ximen districts are home to a wide variety of shops and department stores. But for a real down-to-earth experience try heading for the island’s most famous night market, Shilin. In this famous night street, visitors can find everything from novelty gifts to clothing and a lot more besides. It’s also a cheaper option than the city’s many department stores, not to mention the fun.

  • Learn some history at National Taiwan Museum

    Learn some history at National Taiwan MuseumLearn some history at National Taiwan Museum

    As Taiwan’s most popular museum, National Taiwan Museum is often quite busy. The best time to visit is during the week or on days that are not public holidays. Here, visitors can learn about the history of local aboriginal tribes and the plants and wildlife of Taiwan.

    They can also cross the street to visit the Land Bank wing – a former bank that houses counting rooms and a vault. Visiting dinosaur bones and an old bank vault in one building might seem odd, but it’s an interesting experience nonetheless.

  • Visit the iconic Longshan Temple

    Visit the iconic Longshan TempleVisit the iconic Longshan Temple

    Longshan Temple is a true icon of Taiwan. During WWII, it was bombed to pieces by Allied forces and subsequently rebuilt and maintained by the local community. It is one of the most visited temples in the region, and the intricate architecture of the building is beyond compare. Tourists are welcome and free to take photographs of whatever they choose, although it is polite to ask before taking photos of any worshippers or locals outside the temple.

  • Eat street food anywhere

    Eat street food anywhereEat street food anywhere

    Taiwan is well known for its incredible cuisine, and while there are many amazing restaurants to visit in the city, some of the tastiest treats can be found on the side of the street. Street food in Taipei is nothing short of world class, and the choices available beggar belief.

    Head to any local night market or simply walk down any street, and you’ll soon find vendors selling everything from the infamous stinky tofu to fried chicken on a stick. Enjoying a pancake stuffed with beef from a paper bag doesn’t sound too enticing a prospect, but it really is an experience worth trying.

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