Top bars and restaurants in Mui Ne

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Top bars and restaurants in Mui Ne
Bars and restaurants are something that Mui Ne definitely doesn't lack - from the fancy Western style of restaurants to the hole-in-the-wall ones. If you are in Mui Ne and feeling hungry, don't forget to stop by these places.

  • Trinh Restaurant

     Trinh Restaurant Trinh Restaurant

    Trinh Restaurant may be a little shack on the side of the road with a few tables out front, but no one who dines here leaves unsatisfied. They all have nothing but excellent things to say. There is no extensive menu here, but this only means that whatever is available is made to perfection. A favourite among patrons is the pork in clay pot, lemongrass shrimp, and the fried squid rings. There is also an alcohol menu, and the gin and tonic go well with any dish you order.

  • Jibe’s Beach Club

    Jibe’s Beach ClubJibe’s Beach Club

    Jibe’s Beach Club is one of the best bars and beach lounges in the area. Jibe’s is great for any time of the day, and their menu is quite diverse – a hearty Western breakfast, burgers and pizzas for lunch, delicious seafood for dinner, including delicate local flavours. Every Saturday is a barbecue party that has a large selection of fresh fish, meat, and sides. Jibe’s also offers kitesurfing lessons so you can just spend a whole day here by the beach, especially since it is open 24 hours.

  • Joe’s Café

    Joe’s CaféJoe’s Café

    For live music, craft beer, swimming pools and great food, Joe’s Café is where you need to be. This is a fantastic semi-outdoor venue that is great for an evening to relax while browsing some magazines and listening to good, mellow live music. Mostly foreigners visit the bar, attracted especially by the delicious Mexican menu. The Vietnamese, American, and European items served here are just as good, and the Spaghetti Bolognese is quite divine. There is a diverse cocktail menu, as well as shisha, with a good range of flavours.

  • Smoky House

    Smoky HouseSmoky House

    This family-owned restaurant has an amazing menu with delicious, mostly Vietnamese options as well as a few Western ones. The owner is really friendly and will offer you recommendations if you have no idea what to order. But try the grilled red snapper with lemon sauce salad, as it is the best snapper you will ever have. There is also an adorable little puppy running around that is extremely friendly and will jump on your lap if you are willing to give her a belly rub.

  • Sindbad


    For rich, authentic Mediterranean fare, head to Sindbad. Over here a sizeable, juicy, and tender kebab of international quality is only going to cost you US$2.00. With fast and friendly service, and a nice Mediterranean menu for a primarily kebab joint, Sindbad is the spot to go to when you’re running out of money. If you still want to carry on drinking, there are strong cocktails and ice-cold beer available.

  • Pogo Beach Bar & Grill

    Pogo Beach Bar & GrillPogo Beach Bar & Grill

    Pogo Beach Bar & Grill has been around for nine years giving Mui Ne locals and visitors good food, good music and good times. It is located beachfront, and makes for a great place to relax during the day. There is a collection of books you can browse through, play pool, or enjoy some board games with your friends while you dine and drink. The sunset views here are spectacular and is only further enhanced by the happy hour drink menu. Come sundown, the venue livens up with dancing and non-commercial DJ’s mixing some of the best tunes. On Tuesday’s is open mic night where instruments are set up for everyone to jam.

  • Mui Ne Deli Restaurant

    Mui Ne Deli RestaurantMui Ne Deli Restaurant

    The dishes Mui Ne Deli chefs create are nothing short of delicious, and a favourite among guests is their signature grilled scallops with cheese. They have other unique recipes, such as the lobster porridge, the sweet snail in butter, wasabi sun dried squid, and the dipping seafood hot pot.

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