Where to go shopping in Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Where to go shopping in Nha Trang, Vietnam
Nha Trang Market is hailed as the busiest shopping venue in the city centre, where you can find rows of stalls selling handmade clothes, trinkets, fresh produce, and local special products.

Although this coastal town is not particularly famed for its retail offerings, here is where to shop to make sure you get only the best buys during your vacation in Nha Trang.
  • XQ Hand Embroidery

    XQ Hand EmbroideryXQ Hand Embroidery

    XQ Hand Embroidery, set along Tran Phu Street, specializes in silk apparel and hand-embroidered portraiture. More of a craft centre than a souvenir shop, it is built to resemble a Vietnamese village home (complete with a garden courtyard), where you can see locals in traditional clothes working on new pieces around the store.

    The atmosphere here is similar to a museum, where you can wander and browse through the displayed items at your own pace. In addition to premade embroideries of landscapes, flowers, animals, and famous celebrities, you can also have your portrait embroidered at XQ Hand Embroidery.

  • Dam Market

    Dam MarketDam Market

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    Dam Market (Cho Dam) is the largest and most popular one of all. With three floors full of stalls and boutique shops to explore, Dam Market is a bit of an overwhelming experience, but nevertheless a must-do. It is part tourist souvenir market and part local market.

    You will find all sorts of goods, from clothes, shoes and bags to tourist trinkets, art, designer knockoffs, electronics, dried and packaged foods and food stalls. The dried seafood section is worth your time, because you will find some of Nha Trang’s most famous local specialties such as dried shrimp, squid and cuttlefish. Since this is a very popular destination for most tourists, prices may be a little inflated when quoted to you. Get your bargaining skills ready. However, do try not to haggle too much.

  • Maximark Supermarket

    Maximark Supermarket Maximark Supermarket

    Maximark Supermarket is a western-style supermarket that is just a five-minute walk away from Nha Trang Cathedral. The supermarket is situated on the first floor, where patrons can find an array of imported food items such as chocolates, noodles, frozen meat and seafood while apparel, cosmetics, and accessories are available on the upper levels.

    Patrons can also enjoy arcade games on the fourth floor, with tokens priced at VND 2,000 each. Meanwhile, Lotte Cinema showcases the latest English movies for about VND 50,000.

  • Vinh Hai Market

    Vinh Hai MarketVinh Hai Market

    While other markets are great if you enjoy being surrounded by locals going about their day, Vinh Hai Market (Cho Vinh Hai) serves those who prefer to steer clear of the crowds. Vinh Hai Market is not only smaller, but it is also more local than the other two mentioned above. Perhaps you may even be the sole foreigner around.

    Do not be afraid if curious locals come up and talk to you. Since the market is not touristy, you will not find as much goods as you might you find in typical tourist markets, like souvenirs or fake branded items. You will get the real authentic stuff, and for a much cheaper price.

  • Saigon Pearls

    Saigon PearlsSaigon Pearls

    Saigon Pearls offers authentic jewellery using pearls which are locally produced in Nha Trang’s Van Phong Bay. Hailed as the best place in Vietnam for quality pearls, there are several showrooms within this district including Nha Trang Centre and Hung Vuong.

    Priced at VND 3,000,000 onwards, creations available at Saigon Pearls include necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings. You can also find a collection of accessories that are made with gold and colourful gemstones.

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