Admire the beauty of Galle Old Town, Sri Lanka

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Admire the beauty of Galle Old Town, Sri Lanka
Galle comes with its own inherent beauty and it showcases some of the most beautiful things to do in Galle. You can have a chance to visit some of the most popular historic places such as the Flag rock and it is one of the best places to catch beautiful sunsets.

During the day you will find many people jumping from the rock into the waters. You can also find some local vendors alongside the road selling fresh papaya with chilli powder.
  • Visit Clock Tower

    Visit Clock TowerVisit Clock Tower

    Lying just inside the sturdy stone walls of Galle Fort, the Clock Tower is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks and most photographed monuments. Built in 1883, it was erected in memory of Peter Daniel Anthonisz, a popular and well-known doctor. Nowadays, you can still read a plaque that commemorates the doctor’s life and ‘his skill and benevolence in relieving human suffering.’ Towering to a height of 25 meters, the Clock Tower makes for a fine sight with the harbor lying just behind it and the fort all around it.

  • Stroll Dutch Reformed Church

    Stroll Dutch Reformed ChurchStroll Dutch Reformed Church

    One of the finest and most traditional Tourist attractions in Galle which is worth to visit and admire is the Galle Fort. The Dutch Reformed Church is the ancient building located in the premises of the fort.

    The building’s date goes back the 18th century during the Dutch period.
    A walk through the Fort ground along with the humble caretaker, immersing in his never-ending fancy stories will take you back to the era whence it was built. The Church is also known as Groot Kert.

  • Walk along the ramparts

    Walk along the rampartsWalk along the ramparts

    One of the unmissable things to do in Galle is walking along the ramparts. In case you did not know, Galle is a fortified city, with thick walls that were built by the Portuguese at the end of the 16th century and then fortified by the Dutch in the 17th century. The ramparts surround the Old Town and are the main reason Galle became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    But there is more! When the 2004 Tsunami hit Sri Lanka claiming the lives of more than 40000 people, the walls proved essential in protecting Galle from being completely destroyed.

  • Check out Galle Lighthouse

    Check out Galle LighthouseCheck out Galle Lighthouse

    The oldest light station in Sri Lanka, Galle lighthouse has long been one of the most important and most visited sites in Galle, if not Sri Lanka. The current lighthouse dates back to 1939, but there was another lighthouse in its place dating back in 1848, but the original was destroyed in a great fire in 1934. The lighthouse is still in use and has a prime location in the city, with a full view of the harbour and any ships that might be entering.

  • Visit Old Gate

    Visit Old GateVisit Old Gate

    Embedded within the walls of the city’s fortifications, the Old Gate has welcomed people into the Galle Fort for centuries. Although it may not look all that impressive, the entrance, its architecture, and emblems perfectly encapsulate Galle’s diverse history and heritage.

    While the British Coat of Arms can be seen flanked by two proud lions above the outside of the gate, inside bears an inscription from 1669 of the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie or Dutch East India Company. Long a prominent seaport, these two marvelous carvings are just small reminders of the various peoples and powers who sought to control the city and the trade of spices over the centuries.

  • Go surfing

    Go surfingGo surfing

    Unawatuna, the beach town in Galle, has pretty good waves for surfing. They are not particularly big, but they are perfect for some fun in the ocean. They are also great for new surfers, especially beginners. Get in touch with Surf South Sri Lanka to grab some lessons if you still have not mastered the art of standing on a board! They also rent boards for travelling surfers that do not have one.

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