The most stunning beaches in Sri Lanka

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The most stunning beaches in Sri Lanka
Jutting out of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is famed for the natural beauty of its coastline. The sun-kissed island is home to some of the most spectacular beaches that lace the edge of its golden shores. Here are five of the best spots for a beach getaway.

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  • Arugam Bay

    Arugam BayArugam Bay


    Typically regarded as the best surf spot in the country, Arugam Bay attracts thousands of tourists annually. This golden crescent curving into the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka predominantly thrived on fishing as the main source of income for locals; however, a surge in quality breaks in recent years has made it one of the most frequented coastal destinations on the island. It’s the perfect place for adventure-seekers and provides ample opportunities for scenic underwater photography.

  • Bentota



    Bentota is known for its delivery of ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine. It also delivers one of the finest stretches of pristine sand on the island. Tethered between the cities of Colombo and Galle, Bentota offers a secluded getaway from the daily hustle of the city, with its powder-soft beach running south from the splendid lagoon.

  • Trincomalee Beach

    Trincomalee BeachTrincomalee Beach

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    A beach famous for its past, Trincomalee Beach signifies the great trade between the Europeans and the Asians during the medieval age. This beach is an ideal combo of everything Sri Lanka has incorporated in its’ beach life although there is one attraction which is very uncommon and that is the marble beach. The marble beach is just an eye-relaxing destination for travellers as they get to see the nature fine play of solidified art. You can also snorkel into the deep water or dive towards a shipwreck, the choice and liberty are completely yours. Furthermore, you can also play kite surfing into the true blue sky of Sri Lanka.

  • Mirissa



    There’s no better place to bask in the sun than on the floury sands of Mirissa beach, where a perfect caramel arc is intimately screened by shady palm trees. It’s also a popular destination for sighting the planet’s largest of creations: the Blue Whale. The nightlife and whale- and dolphin-spotting activities make it the ideal place to indulge in a mix of relaxation and fun.

  • Unawatuna


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    In close proximity to the colonial town of Galle, Unawatuna Beach is the jewel of the island’s southern coast. This horseshoe-shaped stretch is a popular tourist attraction, celebrated for numerous historical and natural reasons. With roots tracing back to the Ramayana (an ancient Indian poem), it witnessed the 17th-century encounter between the Portuguese and the Dutch, and teems with endemic and rare biodiversity, coral reefs, and shipwrecks. The calm blue ocean is ideal for various watersport activities, especially scuba diving and snorkeling.

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