Discover the best traditional dishes in Nepal

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Discover the best traditional dishes in Nepal
Nepal is a wonderful country enrich with multi-indigenous people who have their own culture, tradition, language and food pattern. The diverse in the country leads to the diversity of food too. Nepalese cuisine combines a range of ingredients, techniques and characteristics from its neighboring countries with its own gastronomic history.

Dishes of Nepal has unique style taste with high nutritional as the food is prepared with available local spices which are good to eat for health. It is the most popular and hygienic among others foods.
  • Dal Bhat

    Dal BhatDal Bhat

    It is no obvious that Dal Bhat is the most famous dish in Nepal. This national dishes means lentil soup and serves on a metal platter. All the things served on this platter consist of rice placed on the center alongside lentils which are surrounded by various different dishes ( pickles, curry dishes, meat or fish, yogurt and chutney). The variations of this dish are countless, but it is important when visiting to try at least one of them in order to get an authentic taste of Nepalese cuisine.

  • Momo


    Momo are Nepalese dumplings which are made with either meat or vegetables. The half-moon-shaped Momo can be either steamed or fried and served with chili sauce. While momos are usually called Tibetan dumplings, the truth is in Nepal, people consume momo more than Tibet. Momo is usually accompanied by one or two dips, often with a tomato base or fermented vegetables.

  • Sel Roti

    Sel RotiSel Roti

    Sel roti is a cross between a doughnut and a bagel, but Sel roti is actually made of rice flour and is like no other bread in the world. A crispy and sweet outer surface gives way to a puffy and soft-textured dough. The rice flour bread is deep fried and worked into a circular shape. The perfect snack or breakfast treat, they are often consumed during Tihar and Dashai religious festivals. Perfect when dipped in yogurt, alongside vegetables, or simply enjoyed by itself. Sel roti can be found from street vendors and is best eaten fresh.

  • Kheer


    It is one of the most popular Nepali dish specially prepared in pujas, weddings, and other religious occasions. It is cooked in milk by adding rice, sugar, dried fruit and so on. It's also regarded as the sweetest dish of Nepal which is easier and faster to make. Especially, it is cooked in Shrawan 15 and celebrates this day as kheer eating day.

  • Chatamari


    Chatamari is another favorite Newari snack that is very popular in Kathmandu. It has been called a ‘Nepali pizza’, but that’s only because it’s sort of round. Chatamari is a rice-flour crepe (thinner than bara) that is cooked with a variety of savory toppings such as chopped onions, fresh coriander, minced meat, egg, chillis and a variety of spices.

  • Pulao


    Rice is the obvious staple for many Nepalese dishes, just like many other Asian countries. The fried rice dish of Pulao (also know as Pilaf and Pilau) is popular with locals and visitors. Vegetable pulao in particular can be found throughout Nepal and consists of fried rice with vegetables which have been lightly seasoned with turmeric and cumin. Accompaniments to the dish can vary from yogurt to papadams, and the subtle flavors brought out by the fragrant rice means the dish is a regular feature at social events and times of celebration within the country.

  • Thukpa


    Thukpa is a Nepalese hot noodle soup, containing pieces of meat and vegetables. This wintry delicacy is popular in Kathmandu and other mountainous regions of Nepal, being a warming and comforting dish. Meaning ‘noodle’ in Tibetan, Thukpa takes influences from both Tibet and China and is often seen eaten alongside momo. The carefully seasoned meat stock gives the dish a very pleasant aroma, meat toppings reflect the fauna of Nepal, and can range from yak, goat, and lamb to chicken. The dish is particularly popular across Nepal and Tibet but the Nepalese version is sometimes spicier, making it more popular than its Tibetan counterpart. For an enjoyable vegetarian Thukpa, the Green Organic Cafe in Kathmandu dishes up vegetarian options of most of the best Nepalese dishes.

  • Samay Baji

    Samay BajiSamay Baji

    One of the famous Newari traditional dishes specially prepared for a festival or different occasion which consists of unique taste and spicy. This dish is so popular among all the Nepalese and has been passed down from generation to generation. Various items are included in Samay Baji such as beaten rice, black soya bean, smoked meat, boiled beans and potato with spicy, fried pancakes, boiled egg, green vegetable, bamboo shoot beans potato mixed curry, ginger, pickle with homemade whiskey Aila.

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