Come to Indonesia and visit these spectacular waterfalls

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Come to Indonesia and visit these spectacular waterfalls
More than just idyllic tropical islands, Indonesia is also home to a wide array of drop-dead gorgeous waterfalls. From waterfalls multi-stories high to smaller ones you can slide down, these spectacular waterfalls in Indonesia are worth discovering.

  • Moramo Waterfall

    Moramo WaterfallMoramo Waterfall

    Tucked inside a natural forest in Southeast Sulawesi, this exquisite waterfall runs for 100 meters through 127 levels, leaving a trail of beautiful clear waters. With a structure that sophisticated, there are so many great spots to explore, as tourists can’t fit all 127 levels of the waterfall in one picture. The secluded and heavenly atmosphere has led locals to believe that angels once descended to this place to bathe and enjoy the nature.

  • Madakaripura Waterfall

    Madakaripura WaterfallMadakaripura Waterfall

    This majestic waterfall is just one of many in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java, and arguably one of the best. Locals believe that the leader of the ancient Majapahit Empire, Mahapatih Gajah Mada, used to live in this waterfall. Surrounded by hills, the waterfall complex forms a hidden nook graced with endless rains dripping from above.

  • Dua Warna Waterfall

    Dua Warna WaterfallDua Warna Waterfall

    Dua warna means two colors, a slight understatement of the waterfall’s impressive mix of colors. Near where the flowing water hits the surface, tourists can observe brilliant light blue shades of water, while the areas further from the center have a more grayish tone. Factor in the shades of greens from the surrounding dense vegetation and dazzling colors from the marbles below and it’s easily a postcard-worthy picture.

  • Coban Sewu Waterfall

    Coban Sewu WaterfallCoban Sewu Waterfall

    Meaning “a thousand waterfalls” in the local dialect, this name sounds about right. Clear, pristine water flows through the rocks and greenery, decorating the concave hills with a backdrop of water froth. Tourists can watch from afar or enjoy an equally breath-taking view from the bottom while bathing in the cold, clear mountain water.

  • Benang Kelambu Waterfall

    Benang Kelambu WaterfallBenang Kelambu Waterfall

    Located at the foot of Lombok’s Mount Rinjani, the water of this waterfall flows through dense roots and vegetation, forming fine and soft strands of water, much like threads or fibers (benang). From there, the water continues to pour down, through rock structures that divide the water into even more picturesque streams. For the locals, the beauty of this waterfall is just a bonus, as they believe the water has the power to preserve youthfulness.

  • Aling-Aling Waterfall

    Aling-Aling WaterfallAling-Aling Waterfall

    This waterfall area has so many beautiful faces. There are two miniature waterfalls at the top where you can jump from the cliffs or slide down a natural slide. Further into the woods are the main attraction: twin majestic waterfalls with two different intensities – one with quite an extreme current and another more laid-back sister. Swimming is prohibited in this particular spot but the views and height of the waterfall make up for it.

  • Sipiso Piso Waterfall

    Sipiso Piso WaterfallSipiso Piso Waterfall

    Sipiso Piso is one of Indonesia’s highest waterfalls, but this isn’t the only impressive thing about it. After being mesmerized by the majestic waterfall from afar, you can descend to the outpour, where the view is just as magnificent. The one-hour trek is rewarded by unrestricted views of the great Toba Lake and its surrounding mountains.

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