Do not miss these cakes in Hoi An, Vietnam

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Do not miss these cakes in Hoi An, Vietnam
Along with Hoi An’s cute streets, rustic yellow buildings, and colorful temples and decorations, Hoi An has regional dishes that you will not find anywhere else in Vietnam, especially, cakes.

  • Banh bao vac

    Banh bao vacBanh bao vac

    Banh bao vac is a local appetiser that resembles delicate white roses displayed on a platter. Each dumpling is made by wrapping shrimp or pork filling in flattened rice dough before cooking it in a steamer. Once soft and translucent, banh bao vac is carefully arranged on a flat plate, topped with shallots, and served with a dipping sauce made from shrimp broth, chillies, lemon and sugar. Available at most local restaurants in Hoi An, the banh bao vac are supplied by a local family residing at 533 Hai Ba Trung Street, where you can witness how this trademark dish is made.

  • Banh xoai (Mango cake)

    Banh xoai (Mango cake)Banh xoai (Mango cake)

    Called Mango Cake, but you never find the taste of Mango, because it is not a fruit cake, its name has raised curiosity and questions. In fact, it is called “Mango Cake” because its shape is the same as a Mango or Mango seed. Mango cake is sweet, soft and tasty, you will love it at the first bite.

  • Banh xeo

    Banh xeoBanh xeo

    The fried rice pancake is not a must-eat in Hoi An but still worth checking out during a food tour. The “sizzling cake,” as it is known among English speakers, is quite popular there, especially during the rainy season.
    Unlike its cousin in many other places, Hoi An banh xeo is mainly stuffed with shrimp rather than pork or beef. Other fillings are hulled mung bean and bean sprout. It is also smaller, especially when compared with the southern version. Banh xeo is served hot with a lot of herbs and green vegetables.

  • Banh dau xanh

    Banh dau xanhBanh dau xanh

    Banh dau xanh is a very special cake in Hoi An, outside the cake is sweet but the inside of cake is salty. There are many traditional green bean cake bakeries in Hoi An, but each bakery has a different character, secret to create a unique taste. It is made primarily from green beans and good for the health. There are two kinds of green bean cakes, dried and soft. However, both of them are delicious.

  • Banh da lon

    Banh da lonBanh da lon

    It is the sweet soft square cake with the color of the rainbow. Surely, you will be attracted to the outside of the cake at one, the shape of cake is not only beautiful but also very tasty.

  • Banh bo

    Banh boBanh bo

    Banh bo is white round and soft with a bit cut coconut and flour. You can enjoy banh bo for breakfast or as dessert after every meal. They have become part of our life and the local children grow up with their sweet taste.

    Hoi An has many souvenir shops for visitors to buy gifts for family and friends at home. When looking for a suitable souvenir, even the smallest gift can be the most meaningful and these small delicious cakes will also be the most valuable gifts for them.

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