Tips to save money when travelling in Hoi An

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Tips to save money when travelling in Hoi An
Travelling in Hoi An is generally cheap compared to other cities in Asia. But tourists can even save more money if they follow these tips when travelling in this beautiful town.

  • Cooking lessons

    Cooking lessonsCooking lessons

    If you enjoy the food at a certain restaurant, ask for cooking lessons. These are often cheaper than the cooking schools advertised by your hotel, hostel, or found on the Internet.

  • Camp on Cham Island

    Camp on Cham IslandCamp on Cham Island

    If you’re heading to Cham Island on a diving trip, it’s possible to save money on accommodation by camping on the beach.

  • Shop around

    Shop around Shop around

    There are hundreds of tailors in Hoi An. If you’re having clothing made, check prices with a few places before settling on one. Making a local friend and asking them to bring you to a tailor they trust is even better.

  • Skip the SIM Card

    Skip the SIM Card Skip the SIM Card

    Hoi An is highly connected to WiFi. You can hook into WiFi in just about every hotel, shop, restaurant, and convenience store for free! Then, as you walk by your phone automatically hooks into their WiFi and you can start surfing again.

  • Eat at the market

    Eat at the marketEat at the market

    Market stalls are some of the cheapest food you can find. Think about it, they have almost no overhead, so a meal will cost you 20,000-40,000 VND. There are a variety of dishes to choose from and places to eat. Enjoy everything from Vietnamese donuts, banh mi, to soups and good with more substance.

  • Rent a bicycle

    Rent a bicycleRent a bicycle

    Bikes can be rented for 20,000-30,000 VND per day. This is a great way to leisurely explore the quaint city.

  • Drink in hostels

    Drink in hostelsDrink in hostels

    Lots of hostels have bars, cafes, restaurants, or something that acts as all three. The food and drinks here will be only a little more expensive than if you bought it at a corner store, and it’s much less expensive than if you were to go to a proper restaurant. Hostel owners know their audience, so they keep their prices down to keep people in their space.

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