Top 6 must-try dishes in Ha Long Bay

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Top 6 must-try dishes in Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay cuisine is famous because of many kinds of seafood like not only lobster, squid but also snails. A range of culinary creations from both international and local cuisines. Besides these sea products, there are the usual local specialties.

  • Squid Sausage (Cha Muc)

    Squid Sausage (Cha Muc)Squid Sausage (Cha Muc)

    Cha Muc is the most famous food of Quang Ninh and also in the top 50 specialties of Vietnam. The main ingredient of Cha Muc, of course, is squid. However, according to local fishermen, the high-quality dishes must use squid from the Ha Long area. The crunchy and the juicy flavour and attractive aroma of this dish go perfectly well with Xoi (boiled rice, sticky rice) or Banh Cuon (a type of thin, steamed rice cake). This beautiful piece of culinary mastery is sold at many stores and stalls around the city and especially at Ha Long market.

  • Crustacean (Sam)

    Crustacean (Sam)Crustacean (Sam)

    If you are a big fan of seafood or not-so-much like it, crustacean will make you fall in love although you are an extreme food picker. From the main ingredient is the crustacean, they can improvise to deliver different kinds of dishes with a variety of flavours that can surprise as well as please any table companion. You can have crustacean rolling, bitter and sour fried crustacean, steam crustacean, crustacean fried with noodle and so on.

  • Earthworm (Sa Sung)

    Earthworm (Sa Sung)Earthworm (Sa Sung)

    One of the Ha Long Bay’s unique specialties any foodie finds it difficult to neglect is Sa Sung (earthworm). At the beginning of seeing this food, you are probably scared and do not dare to eat, but it is just a small challenge by vision. Its flavor is actually strange and fragrant, which you have not ever perceived before. Sa sung can be cooked in many different ways, and the best one is Sa sung marinated with sautéed and fresh garlic or roasted until it looks bright yellow. It is served with chili sauce, herbs, lettuce, and beer, which is supposed to be a perfect fusion from simple cuisine.

  • Mantis Shrimp (Tom Tit)

    Mantis Shrimp (Tom Tit)Mantis Shrimp (Tom Tit)

    In the list of what to eat in Ha Long Bay, Mantis Shrimp, a strange specie of shrimp will be a tangy dish you should give it a try. Perhaps, the appearance of the shrimp is weird and looks like a centipede, the meat stimulates your tongue right at the first time of tasting it, you will find it tender and sweet when enjoying it with a mixture of pepper, salt, and lemon.

  • Nodding Cake (Banh Gat Gu)

    Nodding Cake (Banh Gat Gu)Nodding Cake (Banh Gat Gu)

    Banh gat gu is made from steaming rice flour mixture. When you eat it, the cake is dipped in a special sauce, along with a piece of caramelized pork. This sauce is really a star of this dish. Having an okay or amazing experience with this food all depends on the sauce. The feeling of cool, soft cake and juicy pork is an enchanting culinary experience.

    This would be a nice choice after devouring many seafood dishes. The origin of this cake is in Hoa Binh Street Tien Yen Town, Quang Ninh but you can easily try it in Ha Long.

  • Ngan


    This specialty is weird from its Vietnamese name. Ngan is known as a unique species of Veneridae, and inhabitants here use it to create a tasty drink, but food. The drink brings you a more disgusting feeling when you know that it is a mixture of Ngan’s blood and Vietnamese rice wine. Nonetheless, don’t think like that anymore because of its mouthwatering taste. Many tourists who have ever come here said that tasting the wine is like a way to perceive the rustic life of locals in Ha Long Bay.

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