5 interesting places outside Ho Chi Minh City

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5 interesting places outside Ho Chi Minh City
Spending some days escaping from the hustle and bustle of city, Saigon – have you ever thought about that? There are plenty of rejuvenating destinations that make for an ideal day trip. As a result, you can forget the sadness and get more energy for next days.

  • Can Gio Mangrove forest

    Can Gio Mangrove forestCan Gio Mangrove forest

    Can Gio Mangrove forest is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) in the south of Ho Chi Minh City that features a unique wetlands ecosystem and a number of rare plant and animal species, including saltwater crocodiles and many kinds of migratory birds.

    It is also referred to as Monkey Island about 75 kilometers southeast of Ho Chi Minh city, making it a one of the most convenient day trips. It is most accessible by a speedboat which can take around one hour. Traveling by car or motorbike could take 2-3 hours.

  • Mekong Delta (Can Tho)

    Mekong Delta (Can Tho)Mekong Delta (Can Tho)

    Can Tho is about 171 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City and traveling there will take about three hours. For many years, it has served as the principal economic and cultural hub for much of the Mekong region, and has grown to become a reasonably large town awash with numerous restaurants, hotels or tourist sites.
    To explore the unique things here, you should visit some markets such as Phong Dien Floating Market, Cai Rang Floating Market, Old Market, Tay Do Night Market.

    However, if you have less time, Cai Be floating market (Tien Giang province) is a better choice for you. Though not as large as Cai Rang floating market, Cai Be is much less touristy and also an hour closer to Ho Chi Minh City. The action starts early, with the first vendors arriving at 3am – but don’t worry, they are still around at more reasonable hours as well. At this market you will see wholesalers selling fruits, flowers and seafood.

  • Cu Chi Tunnels

    Cu Chi Tunnels Cu Chi Tunnels

    The Cu Chi tunnels are one of the easiest day trips from Ho Chi Minh City in regards to travel time. Just an hour and half out, the historical site is located a mere 70 kilometers north of the city. This network of subterranean passageways later provided vital access to and strategic control over the rural areas surrounding the city during the Vietnam War (also known as the Second Indochina War or the American War).

    You can opt for a half day or full day trip setting off from Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors have opportunity to explore the extremely narrow underground burrows. If you are interested in Vietnamese history, this is a must-see place.

  • Vung Tau

    Vung TauVung Tau

    Vung Tau is likely the most popular destination for the locals in Ho Chi Minh City. It is only two hours away by bus or shuttle, so it makes for an easy escape from the heat and pollution of Saigon. The beach itself is not as spectacular as others in Vietnam, but you will love the laid-back vibe of this sleepy little town.

  • Cat Tien National Park

    Cat Tien National ParkCat Tien National Park

    If you are really looking to get into nature, then Cat Tien National Park is for you. The park has various types of old growth forests and some fascinating wildlife – things like gibbons, sambar deer, wild boars, black-shanked doucs and even crocodiles. However, the drive does take approximately four hours, so you might want to consider making this into a two-day journey.

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