A short trip in Can Gio, Saigon

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A short trip in Can Gio, Saigon
Notable for its extensive mangrove forest, Can Gio is a low, palm-fringed island sitting at the mouth of the Saigon River, some 25km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. It was formed from silt washing downstream from the river, so do not expect any white-sand beaches. A few hopeful resorts have sprung up along the murky 10km shoreline.

  • Visiting monkey island

    Visiting monkey islandVisiting monkey island

    Monkey Island is one of the most attractive places when you decide to choose Can Gio for your Ho Chi Minh day trips. While the island is home to over 1,000 monkeys varying in type, this species is funny and smart to play with. You can shake hands with them, feed them, or take unique photos of them and yourself. Be mindful that you should watch out for the naughty monkeys that probably snatch your belongings without your notice.

  • Enjoying fresh nature in Vam Sat mangrove forest

    Enjoying fresh nature in Vam Sat mangrove forestEnjoying fresh nature in Vam Sat mangrove forest

    Vam Sat Mangrove Forest is regarded as a World Biosphere Reserve with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Taking an opportunity to visit here, you can get lots of things to experience, such as a bird sanctuary, a bat swamp, crocodile farm, etc. Associated with those specific destinations are irresistible activities, fishing (especially crocodiles), kayaking through the mangrove forest, catching fishes by net, and so forth.
    The atmosphere here is very pure and peaceful. Take a step into the forest, it would feel like being released from the narrow and stuffy space in the city.

  • Fishing crocodiles

    Fishing crocodilesFishing crocodiles

    At the Vam Sat tourist destination, there is an extremely vast crocodile farm where you can gaze into different sorts of crocodile and get to know about their habits. Especially, this place brings you an opportunity to challenge yourself to an adventure game such as fishing crocodiles. Despite the fact that the game sounds dangerous, it is actually safe for all players. You will be taken to a lake with lots of hungry crocodiles and just sit on the composite boat enclosed with the wire B40 to fish. By that time, drop the bait and wait until some crocodile bites it.

  • Tasting fresh seafood

    Tasting fresh seafoodTasting fresh seafood

    When it comes to interesting things to do and see in Can Gio, you are advisable to keep an eye on seafood, an irresistible specialty here. It is not too hard to find seafood anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City for your day trip, but it is believed that seafood of Can Gio is not only fresh but also costs quite cheap. Especially, Can Gio District has not been touristy, so there is no seafood stall here. The best way to enjoy fresh seafood is to head to Hang Duong market, choose your favorite types, and ask the locals to cook for you. Then, bring the cooked food with you to the beach and enjoy it while soaking up the calm atmosphere here.

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