Explore the best night markets in Saigon

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Explore the best night markets in Saigon
Shopping in fancy malls and departmental stores is now a banality. Whereas, shopping under a sky full of stars is something you would not want to miss on your trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam has an old charm and the country brims in culture. Night markets in Ho Chi Minh is a perfect reflection of that. They are an ideal blend of everything you need, at an unbelievably low price compared to malls. 
  • Hanh Thong Tay night market

    Hanh Thong Tay night marketHanh Thong Tay night market

    Hanh Thong Tay is one of the largest markets in Ho Chi Minh City and well known for its variety of cheap yet high-quality goods. You can easily find diverse products including bags, clothes, and accessories at good prices as bargaining is acceptable here.

    From spring rolls to crispy turmeric rice cake, to steamed rice cake with ground shrimp, fried fish balls, sweet flans, and possibly anything you heart desires, this market offers the freshest, most delicious selection at implausible prices that will perplex and please every taste bud and your wallet.

  • Binh Tay night market

    Binh Tay night marketBinh Tay night market

    Located in the western area of the city, Cho Lon is one of the must-visit sites in Ho Chi Minh. Operating since 1930, the market was built in an oriental style. In addition to its special architecture, Binh Tay market is the busiest commercial center in all of Saigon. The majority of wholesale goods transported from Southwest provinces are brought here, and sellers often solicit buyers with affordable prices. If you intend to purchase household and electronic items, Binh Tay market definitely warrants a visit. Opening from 2-3am until 9-10 pm, this place specializes in wholesale products at the lowest possible prices.

  • Ben Thanh night market

    Ben Thanh night marketBen Thanh night market

    Ben Thanh Market offers visitors all they need such as clothes, footwear, accessories, jewelry, hardware, pet shops, crafts, flowers, spices, nuts, food and restaurants. In the market, you can find everything from food to all kinds of Vietnam souvenirs symbolic of all regions of the country. For many tourists as well as the local people, the day is too hot to go shopping, while the evening is an ideal time to meet and gather outside to enjoy meal or drink under the stars. Ben Thanh night market has a different appearance from the daily market.

    After 6:00 pm, traders mount their street stalls and shelves on the outside of Ben Thanh market and all the restaurants and stalls continue activity at the gates of Cho Ben Thanh market. Night market is another facet of the venue that has become increasingly popular for the city’s citizenry as well as tourists.

  • Minh Phung Night Market

    Minh Phung Night MarketMinh Phung Night Market

    Whether you are haggling over Vietnamese handcrafted goods, munching on pho and com tam, or rummaging for bargains, the bustling Minh Phung Market is the heart and soul of local life. This is a shopaholic's paradise where one can quickly get a good bargain on handbags, designer knock-offs, jewellery, children's clothes, home furnishings, handcrafted goods, and electronics. Also known as Cay Go Night Market, you will notice that there are no stalls here. People display their products on the street-side. There is a bright side to this market, the products are sold with a cheap price tag, so you do not need to bargain too much. After the shopping, you can cool off with a drink or two and enjoy the local cuisine.

  • Ky Hoa Night Market

    Ky Hoa Night MarketKy Hoa Night Market

    The liveliness of Ky Hoa Night Market is reflected in the sellers calling out their customers. The market is one of the best places to look for peach blossoms, especially during the Lunar New Year festival. Functioning from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM every day, here you can find other items like clothing articles, furniture, accessories, hair and skin products, footwear, and more at quite a bargain too. Each stall has different selling prices for the same products, so make sure you hover around looking for the best price before settling on one.

  • Ba Chieu night market

    Ba Chieu night marketBa Chieu night market

    Ba Chieu night market is one of the oldest shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City. This is also the spot for you if you need to do some shopping on a tight backpacker budget. Everything and anything is available here, and can be yours for a low price. The fun part of shopping at Ba Chieu market is the haggling. Bargaining is expected, so go ahead and test your skills. If you are good at it, you might be able to walk away with your prize at half the original price. It really might be a prize, too. It is a great place to sample some of the Vietnamese snacks you have had your eye on.

    Ba Chieu market is also the city’s best destination for fashion. And one of the best recommendations for anyone who wants to observe how the Vietnamese run their business every day to make a living is visiting Ba Chieu market.

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