5 reasons why Kochi should be your next travel destination

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5 reasons why Kochi should be your next travel destination
Kochi, also known as Cochin, is an important district in Kerala. Kerala is a state located on the south-western border of India. Kochi was chosen as one of ten Lonelyplanet’s 2020 destination picks. Here are top 5 reasons why Kochi should be your next travel destination.

 Set on a magnificent estuary, serene Kochi has been drawing traders, explorers and travellers to its shores for over 600 years. Nowhere else in India could you find such an intriguing mix: giant Chinese fishing nets, a 450-year-old synagogue, ancient mosques, Portuguese and Dutch-era houses and the crumbling remains of the British Raj. This city keeps a tight grip on its heritage while wholeheartedly embracing its newfound cool.

  • 1. Fort Kochi

    1. Fort Kochi1. Fort Kochi

    Fort Kochi is an area in the district of Kochi. It is also known as Old Kochi or West Kochi. Fort Kochi is part of the several water-bound regions of Kerala. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on its north. There are several ferry routes connecting Fort Kochi to other parts of the mainland.

    The Vembanad lake flows alongside Fort Kochi and joins the Arabian Sea. There are many attractions in Fort Kochi including the extremely famous Chinese fishing nets on the Fort Kochi Beach. One can see huge nets set up along the coast, and they stand even today. The beach is beautiful and gives you fantastic panoramic views of the sunset.

    The Jewish Synagogue is another major attraction in the area and the market city that leads to it sees some people eager to collect souvenirs. One can visit the Maritime Museum, Mattancherry Palace, and the Indo-Portuguese Museum or just simply walk along the serene promenade and bask in the fresh salty breeze from the sea. The place also sees many churches, cemeteries, and temples. Fort Kochi thus has something for everyone and a visit to this area can be very rewarding.

  • 2. Marine Drive

    2. Marine Drive2. Marine Drive

    Built facing the scenic Backwaters, the marine drive in Kochi acts as one of the most visited spots in Kochi. It serves as the perfect place to take long relaxing walks along the water’s edge, spend time with your dear ones, or just enjoy peaceful solitude. Despite the name, vehicles of any sort are not allowed here. The area is one of the more economically developed parts of the district, with many shopping centres, entertainment zones, and eateries. One can find many global brands here and can easily spend a lazy afternoon walking down this street.

    The area was named so after it was inspired by the Mumbai Marine Drive. Kochi Marine Drive is a sight to see at night. The whole place is lit up and makes for an enthralling view. The drive extends from a park up to the boat jetty. The Rainbow Bridge and the House Boat Bridge in the area are must-see sights and act as important landmarks.

  • 3. Cherai Beach

    3. Cherai Beach3. Cherai Beach

    Located just 25km away from Kochi city, Cherai Beach can be considered as a great alternative to some of the overcrowded beaches. This beach is immaculate, with clean fine sand and pristine blue waters. Cherai beach is perfect for swimming.

    One can take calming walks along the many palm trees that line the beach, lie in the sand and soak in the evening sun or build sand castles with your families. This quiet beach is the perfect spot to wind down after a long day of sightseeing. For all those who want to enjoy a little bit of calm and solitude, this is an incredibly rewarding beach.

  • 4. Willingdon Island

    4. Willingdon Island4. Willingdon Island

    Built alongside the modern Kochi Port in 1936, Willingdon Island is the largest man-made island in India. The degraded soil was piled over a tiny pre-existing island, and this great mass of land was constructed. Today it is home to several governmental offices like the Kochi Naval Base, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, the Customs Office and the Office of the Cochin Port Trust. One can also find several warehouses and business centres here. In a nutshell, Willingdon Island is a fully functioning one. One can get to this island by any mode of transport. Railway and roads connect the island to the mainland. The island acts as a major port and also a shipbuilding dock. When in Kochi, make sure to take a trip to this charming island.

  • 5. Backwaters of Kochi

    5. Backwaters of Kochi5. Backwaters of Kochi

    The flood that struck the southern part of India separated masses of land from the mainland and divided the great Arabian Sea into sea and rivers. These rivers flowed through land and made their unique lagoons and canals. These came to be known as the Backwaters.

    The Backwaters are a beautiful sight to see. One can feel one with nature as the way to the gentle lull of these channels. As the state is towards the west, one can experience breathtaking sunsets from here. There are tours that let visitors rent boats of various types depending on their needs. One can cruise through these serene water bodies and bask in nature’s beauty.

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