Where to visit in Jaipur, India in one day

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Where to visit in Jaipur, India in one day
Jaipur, the pink and magnificent city of India, is home to royal palaces and historical forts, rich in tradition and famous for its Rajasthani food. We bring you the best things to do and see in the city.

  • Jaipur City Palace

    Jaipur City PalaceJaipur City Palace

    Present in the heart of the old city of Jaipur, the city palace proves the style and elegance of the Rajput royalties. To blend in the majestic city, the first place to stop by is this capital palace which is a sprawling complex with arresting buildings and collection of marvelous artifacts. Built by the Rajput king Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, a part of the structure has now been converted into a museum, and it also houses two huge sterling silver vessels that can store 4,000 liters of liquid, recorded as the largest in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Royal Family still inhabits the palace.

  • Hawa Mahal

    Hawa MahalHawa Mahal

    Just 700 meters from the palace is the ‘Palace of the Winds,’ Hawa Mahal. The five-story building is in the shape of a semi-octagonal structure, with 953 small windows (jharokhas), akin to the honeycomb of a beehive. It is believed that the structure was made for the royal ladies to observe the everyday bustling life in the streets without being seen under the obligation to ‘purdah’ (face cover).

  • Amber Fort

    Amber FortAmber Fort

    This fort is located on the outskirts of Jaipur. The lake in the front provides a beautiful reflection of the fort, which has four parts, including a temple, the meeting halls and the famous Sheesh Mahal. It is the same mahal where the song ‘Jab pyaar kiya to darna kya’ of Mughal-e-azam was shot. The mahal is beautiful with infinite mirrors used over the walls. And while you’re here, don’t forget to try an elephant ride.

    After appreciating the empire which was once home to the Royals, visit 1135 AD restaurant when you’re ready to have some lunch. Hardly a kilometer away, the restaurant blesses visitors with an imperial elegant ambiance. Served in silver cutlery, one can enjoy the taste of Mughlai, Rajasthani and North Indian cuisine and have the perfect royal experience.

  • Street Shopping

    Street ShoppingStreet Shopping

    Rajasthan is famous for its traditional jootis, colorful ghagras and the beautiful jholas with small mirrors stitched to it. So to get the best of these, do shop in places like Johari Bazaar (Jewelry Market), Nehru Bazaar, and Bapu Bazaar. Johari Bazaar is famous for its fabulous collection of jewels, with gems and other semi-precious stones. The colorful textiles and jootis (sandals) can be bought in this area as well. While you’re shopping in Bapu Bazaar, you will also have the chance to witness the ‘pink’ in this pink city.

  • Chokhi Dhani

    Chokhi DhaniChokhi Dhani

    A village-themed restaurant, Chokhi Dhani captures the spirit of Rajasthan. The décor is full of paintings, the famous Bani Thani art, a dedicated Deepak wall, evening performances and food served by people in traditional costumes. A perfect place to end the night and have sumptuous Rajasthani delights.

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