5 vegan restaurants you should try in Da Lat

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5 vegan restaurants you should try in Da Lat
Enjoy a wide variety of food in Dalat city from exotic tropical fruits, tasty spring rolls, and noodle soups to strong bodied coffee and fresh baquettes.

Pure vegetarian restaurants and veggie food stalls are established in most of the cities and towns. In major travel destinations, tourist cafes will offer something that is vegetarian-friendly.
  • The Sky Over Dalat

    The Sky Over DalatThe Sky Over Dalat

    This restaurant really brings a new air to Da Lat’s vegetarian culinary scene. Since the owner is Italian, food here is well-cooked with a Western influence. You will enjoy a unique and excellent meal that can make you forget that it is all vegetarian.

    While some Vietnamese traditional vegetarian restaurants tend to focus more on replicating regular dishes with protein substitutes, The Sky Over Dalat mostly uses a variety of raw vegetables to make food. Together with exotic seasoning and artistic vibes from the owner, veggie dishes here are truly worth trying. Da Lat is famous for its highly fresh and organic produce, and this restaurant knows just how to pick the right farm, so rest assured that you will have a fine dinner with some of the freshest ingredients in town.

  • Hoa Sen Vegetarian Restaurant

    Hoa Sen Vegetarian RestaurantHoa Sen Vegetarian Restaurant

    With a cozy ambience and relaxing background music, Hoa Sen restaurant can be anyone’s favorite, not just limited to vegetarians. The place was named after lotus, a flower symbolizing a sense of spirituality in Vietnam. Dining here will give you a restful experience along with amazing vegetarian dishes. They feature a variety of dishes on the menu, from regular colorful vegetables to sophisticated dishes with delicious protein substitutes. However, the highlight of Hoa Sen Restaurant is they tend to focus more on fresh vegetables and the chefs have done an excellent job turning veggies into exquisite dishes.

  • Ganesh Da Lat

    Ganesh Da LatGanesh Da Lat

    This is a chain Indian restaurant that has been well-established in Vietnam for a period of time. They have branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue, Phu Quoc, and Da Lat. With their huge menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, you can have a trip to explore Indian cuisine right in Da Lat. The main dishes here are categorized into two types, Northern and Southern Indian, from the classic masala to strong vindaloo. Serving flavorful dishes seasoned by distinctive spices, Ganesh Da Lat will end your cravings for vegetarian yet it will still fill your stomach.

  • An Lac Tam Restaurant

    An Lac Tam RestaurantAn Lac Tam Restaurant

    This is a typical Vietnamese eatery with an open kitchen and casual furniture so you can have a different local experience here. An Lac Tam mostly serves dishes with main ingredients like meatless alternatives such as tofu, eggplants, beans, etc. You will see a lot of Vietnamese classics here such as bun bo, pho, mi quang, all in the vegetarian style. The seasoning is pleasant and flavorful, making it suitable for those who have strong taste buds. If you want to try signature dishes of Vietnam and would rather not ruin your vegetarian habit, this is the place for you.

    An Lac Tam also includes some special dishes on the menu like Vietnamese pancakes and clay pot rice to enrich the taste.

  • Vegetarian Food Stalls in Da Lat Market

    Vegetarian Food Stalls in Da Lat MarketVegetarian Food Stalls in Da Lat Market

    If you are wandering inside Da Lat market and your hunger is so distracting, come try these vegetarian food stalls in the market. Located on the second floor, these kiosks stay close together so you can visit another stall if one is already full. Do not worry about quality because they are all delicious and flavorful. Keep an eye out for the words “com chay” or “chay” and you will find great vegetarian food.

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