Visit Dalat! Stop by Cau Dat Tea Hill (Cau Dat Farm)

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Visit Dalat! Stop by Cau Dat Tea Hill (Cau Dat Farm)
Cau Dat Tea Hill is about 25 km from the centre of Da Lat city, which is one of the most favourite free attractions in Da Lat city. The green and fresh landscape with cool weather attracts more and more tourists visiting Dalat.

Especially, travelers can contemplate green tea gardens, enjoy tea and coffee when arriving the farm.
High quality Oolong tea, green tea, black tea or black tea OTD are exported most by Cau Dat brand.
  • Cau Dat’s origin

    Cau Dat’s originCau Dat’s origin

    Cau Dat Tea Hill was founded by the French people in 1927, during their domination in Vietnam. In reality, Cau Dat Tea Hills is another name of Cau Dat Tea Company. Nowadays, you could still see the old panel since 1927 mounted at the entrance of the tea hill.

    There are 4 reasons you should visit Cau Dat Tea Hill when traveling to the city of flower and love

  • Refresh yourself

    Refresh yourselfRefresh yourself

    When the first sunlight shines through the mist, everything becomes very fresh and vivid. It is the moment you can feel all the beauty of Dalat. Visit Dalat, you once try to get up early, wander on the romantic suburbs’ roads. The pure harmony between the earth and sky will refresh your soul and the ego of the travelers as well.

  • Lost on poetic roads of Dalat

    Lost on poetic roads of DalatLost on poetic roads of Dalat

    The road to Cau Dat is not too far, only about 25 km. It is a beautiful road, easy to walk, the scenery along the road with the pine forest is as romantic as a picture. It can be said that this land is not only nice and gentle, but also keep its wildness which impulse us to discover immediately. Do not rush to travel all the places when traveling to Dalat, try to rent a motorcycle, go around the suburbs’ roads, you will feel the sweetest beauty in “Land of Dream”.

  • Land of Dreamers

    Land of DreamersLand of Dreamers

    If you love busy cities or crowded commercial centers, Cau Dat is definitely not for you. Cau Dat Tea Hill is always beautiful in the eyes of dreamers. Sit down under an old pine tree and listen to the whisper of the wind. It means you are making your own life more meaningful.

  • The hills of tea stretch out over the horizon

    The hills of tea stretch out over the horizonThe hills of tea stretch out over the horizon

    People come to Da Lat, then their love for Dalat naturally grows up day by day. It attracts travelers from the simplest things as wild flowers along the road. In the early morning mist, the green tea farm endlessly stretch out over the horizon, Cau Dat is more beautiful than ever.

  • Store the most memorable moments

    Store the most memorable momentsStore the most memorable moments

    Many photographers as well as young people choose the Cau Dat Tea Hill to “hunt” the pictures of art because of fresh green background and the blue sky. Futhermore, you can enjoy the fantasy beauty of Cau Dat in the early morning mist or sunset. That is why many couples consider this place as the place to store the most memorable moments of their life and love.

    Visit Dalat! Stop by Cau Dat Tea Hill to immerse yourself in beauty of nature and forget all your worries.

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