Food trip in Da Lat

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Food trip in Da Lat
Da Lat’s cuisine is one of things that keeps visitors reminding about this land of mist and desiring to be here one more time. Let travel to there and enjoy their unique cuisine.

  • Vietnamese Pizza – Banh trang nuong

    Vietnamese Pizza – Banh trang nuongVietnamese Pizza – Banh trang nuong

    Maybe the cold weather of Da Lat makes any dish cooked on the fire become superstars. And Vietnamese Pizza is not an exception. People will put some other ingredients such as pork, green onions, quail eggs and dried shrimps on rice paper. Then they grill it and rotate it on the coal stove until done. Finally, they will cut it into small triangle pieces and serve with chili sauces. You can also choose to add cheese and sausage to your Vietnamese pizza. This is an addictive snack that you should try when you are in Da Lat.

    Where to eat

    Banh Trang Hoang Dieu, 35A-B Hoang Dieu street, Da Lat
    Banh Trang Nuong Di Dinh, 26 Hoang Dieu street, Da Lat

  • Mini Pancake – Banh can

    Mini Pancake – Banh canMini Pancake – Banh can

    The origin of Can cake is not from Da Lat but this food has been a favorite dish of the locals for years. Can cake is made of pure rice with the filling of spring onion. What makes it special is that the cake is cooked in small earthenware pots without oil. When the cake is well-cooked, it is inflate and crispy. This dish is served with fish sauce, meatballs and crackers on top. Sometimes, it is served with a special dipping sauce made from small fish.

    Where to eat

    7 Tang Bat Ho street, Da Lat
    22 Tang Bat Ho street, Da Lat. The price: 20,000 VND

  • Steamed rice paper with chicken intestine – Banh uot long ga

    Steamed rice paper with chicken intestine – Banh uot long gaSteamed rice paper with chicken intestine – Banh uot long ga

    This dish is an amazing combination between thin rice flour pancakes of the central region of Vietnam and stir-fried chicken viscera. The clever seasoning of stir-fried chicken viscera mingle with the softness of special pancake create an outstanding taste that you have never experienced before.

    Where to eat

    A food shop at Truong Cong Dinh alley in Hoa Binh area near Da Lat market. This shop is opened from 2p.m to 7p.m. A bowl of banh uot long ga costs 27,000 VND
    Long shop, ThongThien Hoc st, Da Lat

  • Bread with meatball soup – Banh my xiu mai

    Bread with meatball soup – Banh my xiu maiBread with meatball soup – Banh my xiu mai

    The meatball soup eaten with breads is so delicious and popular that your trip to Da Lat will not be completed without that dish. Though you may see Banh my xiu mai in some places around Vietnam, bread with meatballs soup in Da Lat has its own taste. Meatballs are made of grinded pork mixed with mushroom, onion, garlic and some kinds of spices. After processing, they boil them in broth with grinded tomato. That is the reason why you can feel fresh taste of soup.

    Where to eat

    26 Pham Nhat Duat street, Da Lat
    Hoang Dieu street, Da Lat. The price: 15,000 VND

  • Xap Xap

    Xap XapXap Xap

    It sounds strange name for many people. In fact, it is quite like “Nom Bo Kho”, a sweet and sour salad with dried beef sold in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The main ingredients of Xap Xap are grated green papaya, simmer pork liver, peanuts, mint leaves, sweet and sour fish sauce and chili sauce on top. Many Western people think this food is a type of appetizer. However, people in Da Lat usually eat it in the afternoon or at night.

    Where to eat

    Xap Xap around Xuan Huong lake.
    A food stall on Hoang Dieu street

  • Avocado ice-cream

    Avocado ice-creamAvocado ice-cream

    Along with strawberries, Da Lat is where you can find the freshest avocado in Vietnam. Avocado ice-cream of Da Lat is seen as a legendary dessert. That is why you should not miss it when you are visiting this city. The way to make avocado ice-cream is also simple. The server chooses the best avocado to blend, and then adds a scoop of coconut ice-cream into the glass and really. The dish is a fantastic harmony of avocado and coconut swirled together in a glass of happiness.

    Where to eat

    Thanh Thao shop at 76 Nguyen Van Troi street, Da Lat
    The price: 15,000 VND
    Or you also can enjoy in Da Lat night market.

  • Soy milk

    Soy milkSoy milk

    Soy milk has become a specialty in Da Lat. The taste of this drink is quite strange, people can enjoy it at any time. Because of cold weather, soy milk is attractive and different from other places you have ever drunk. Da Lat's soy milk is a very simple but attracts many customers, soybeans are soaked, ground, then filtered and slightly boiled over, then you will have a nutritious and delicious cup of soy milk.

    Where to drink

    64 Tang Bat Ho street, Da Lat
    185 Phan Dinh Phung street, Da Lat

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