Do not miss these coffee shops when visiting Da Lat, Vietnam

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Do not miss these coffee shops when visiting Da Lat, Vietnam
In recent years, Da Lat has gained a reputation for its retro vibe, making it a favourite destination for local photographers and yes, Instagrammers a-plenty. A lot of Da Lat cafes and restaurants have taken cue from their snap-happy customers and developed ultra-chic, thoroughly Instagrammable interiors. From coffee shops with a social mission, to those with over 50 years of history, and some boasting magnificent views, Da Lat is full of excellent cafés waiting to be discovered.

Located in Lam Dong Province in Central Vietnam—about 300km from Saigon—the City of Eternal Spring has a mild climate and lush landscape. Dalat as its known today was originally established as a summer retreat by the French, and the cool temperatures continue to draw tourists looking to escape the heat.

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  • Still Cafe & Tiem Banh Totto-Chan (Totto-Chan Bakery)

    Still Cafe & Tiem Banh Totto-Chan (Totto-Chan Bakery)Still Cafe & Tiem Banh Totto-Chan (Totto-Chan Bakery)

    © Xuandao241 / Instagram

    And the award for Dalat’s most Instagrammable cafe goes to… Yes, a major reason people visit Still Cafe and Totto-chan is to take selfies—and who could blame them. This pair of adorable Japanese-styled cafes is located in downtown Dalat, behind the train station. Both specialise in Vietnamese-style drip coffee. Totta-chan is also known for its cakes and baked goods. Located within the same complex location, you can easily pair them together.

  • Black Rock Garden Coffee

    Black Rock Garden CoffeeBlack Rock Garden Coffee

    © Xuandao241 / Instagram

    The scenery here is beautiful, the space is cool but their menu only has simple drinks. The ticket for one drink and the time playing with the dogs is VND 70 000/person, a reasonable price. The dogs are super cute and friendly. There are many different types of dogs. There is also a camp for small dogs. The owner trained the dog very enthusiastically, and their staffs are very supportive, too.

  • Tiem Café Thang Ba (March Cafe Shop)

    Tiem Café Thang Ba (March Cafe Shop)Tiem Café Thang Ba (March Cafe Shop)

    © Xuandao241 / Instagram

    Located on the slope at Robin Hill, March Cafe Shop is a pretty small cafe designed in Rustic style of the 60s. There we encounter the rustic wooden tables and chairs that bring a cozy feeling. It seems to be an interesting refuge in the cold days of Da Lat. Go to March Cafe Shop, choose for yourself any place, sip the hot coffee, listen to the soft jazz music, lay your eyes over the balcony with sun and wind to enjoy the rare moments of peace.

  • “Tui Mo To” Coffee Shop

    “Tui Mo To” Coffee Shop“Tui Mo To” Coffee Shop

    © Xuandao241 / Instagram

    This is a super-crowded and super hot cafe, it is on a small slope and always comes full of cars, regardless of weekdays or weekends. The cafe is designed in a simple wooden style, with daisy flower beds and a view overlooking Dalat from above. You should go there either early in the morning, or at 9 pm, at that time there was no one and you can admire Dalat at night with the colorful glass houses below.

  • Quan cua Thoi Thanh Xuan (House of the Youth)

    Quan cua Thoi Thanh Xuan (House of the Youth)Quan cua Thoi Thanh Xuan (House of the Youth)

    © Hường Trần

    Spearheaded by the charming Mr. Luan, House of the Youth (Quán của Thời Thanh Xuân) is a quaint little café run by a team dedicated to one social mission: empowering the deaf. The premise of the café is rather unique – you are encouraged to sit in silence and only whisper among your friends. To order, you simply point at an item on the menu. The teas are made from in-house grown ingredients, the coffee from nearby farms and the desserts homemade. What adds to the uniqueness is that there is no indication of price – the café is run on donations. Make sure to head into the small store full of handmade chocolates, candies, soaps, shampoos, essential oils, tea, coffee, and wooden kitchen tools, all made by the team. Mr. Luan spends his time teaching the team the beauty in making arts and crafts. Any money earned from these will go towards supporting the cause.

  • Kokoro Cafe - Maple Leaf Forest Resort

    Kokoro Cafe - Maple Leaf Forest ResortKokoro Cafe - Maple Leaf Forest Resort

    © Kokoro Cafe

    Kokoro is located inside the precinct of the Maple Leaf Forest Resort area. If you search for Kokoro alone, you won’t find it. Buy tickets at the resort, you will be able to visit all the places inside the Maple Leaf Forest Resort. Kokoro, with its Japanese-styled decoration, is always crowded. In Kokoro, there is a Koi fish pond, and corners of the garden with tall branches, making up a beautiful view.

  • An Café

    An CaféAn Café

    © An Cafe

    An means peace in Vietnamese. Lying aside the slope on street 3/2 (February 3rd slope), An Cafe is a great spot for those who love nature and want to find a place to get away, even if just for a moment. Tables and chairs in An Cafe are handmade from wood with delicate designs, and you will find that each table has a small potted plant: cabbage, basil, mint, etc. It’s like a tiny garden, where plants decorate literally everything – from the tiny garden outside to shelves, tables and walkways. Even their straws are made of bamboo shoots!

  • Vuon Yen (Yen Garden)

    Vuon Yen (Yen Garden)Vuon Yen (Yen Garden)

    © Vuon Yen

    Yen Garden is a Japanese-style coffee shop, old wooden house, nice little garden and a large area. There are many small areas, each of which has its own characteristics and takes great pictures. One view that people most often take is the view of the garden overlooking the roofs of Dalat in the distance.

  • Me Linh Coffee Garden

    Me Linh Coffee GardenMe Linh Coffee Garden

    © Me Linh Coffee Garden

    Me Linh Coffee Garden has some of the best views in Da Lat. On the menu, in addition to your normal coffee drinks, you will find the unique weasel coffee (also known as ca phe chon) which you can enjoy with your full 360-degree view of the coffee farm and Cam Ly Lake in front of you. To get here is a bit of a ride – a 12-mile (20 kilometer) drive from the city center, through Ta Nung mountain pass.

  • Café Tung

    Café Tung Café Tung

    © chuyendalat

    Café Tung does not serve the best tasting coffee in Dalat City in the Central Highlands Province of Lam Dong. Neither does it have an impressive look compared to other local coffee shops. However, it is known as the city’s iconic coffee shop as it has long been a rendezvous for many Vietnamese celebrities. Tung Cafe is one of the oldest cafés in Da Lat, having served its first cup of coffee in 1955. The location changed in 1960 and since then there have been no alterations to the interior decor, especially the valuable paintings that represent the artistic tastes of a bygone generation. Back in the day the café was popular among the gentlemen in town, and many historic individuals passed by and enjoyed a cup of coffee along with a cigar.

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