Top cool places for taking photos in Dalat

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Top cool places for taking photos in Dalat
Traveling is an opportunity for you to explore, experience many amazing things such as foods, drinks or customs, etc. Especially, to the youth, taking photos and sharing them with friends and family or uploading on social networks is really common nowadays.

Below are some cool places you can drop by and take awesome photos in the city of fog, Dalat.
  • Youth Cultural Center

    Youth Cultural CenterYouth Cultural Center

    Youth Cultural Center is located in 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, which is a familiar place of many young people. It is especially well suited for those who want to have beautiful photos and strange style.

    Most attractive place is the “cool” grand stand of the center. This outdoor area is large enough for you to enjoy any concept you want. In addition, this area also makes you overwhelmed with the white seats close together, which helps you have stylish and unique photos.

  • Homestays in Dalat

    Homestays in DalatHomestays in Dalat

    With the desire to help visitors find a peaceful, beautiful place to take photos and “check-in”, many homestay owners in Dalat have designed and arranged their places in very cool styles. Going to these homestays, you will have the feeling that you’re in a coffee shop or an art studio.

    Here are some homestays you can “check-in” when coming to Dalat
    - La Nhahomestay
    Address: 77 Hoang Dieu Street, Dalat.

    - Tre’s house
    Address: 149A Vo Truong Toan, Da Lat.

    - Le Bleu
    Address: Ward 2, Da Lat

    - HomeFarm
    Address: 12A Trieu Viet Vuong, Dalat.

  • Lam Vien Square

    Lam Vien SquareLam Vien Square

    As one of the most attractive places for young people, Lam Vien Square is an interesting place that many young people take photos because of its impressive architecture. Lam Vien Square was built in 2009, located at the “heart” of the city of flowers, overlooking the Xuan Huong lake. The highlight is the art blocks of a wild sunflower and bud, made by glass load-bearing structures in order to create unique art space of Da Lat.

  • Cafes with nice view

    Cafes with nice viewCafes with nice view

    Not only is an attractive destination for romantic travelers, Da Lat owns lots of cafes which are decorated beautifully for you to enjoy coffee while watching the fog in hills. Some cafes you can visit are An, Me Linh Coffee Garden, Ma Rung Lu Quan, Windmills Coffee.

  • Dalat Railway Station

    Dalat Railway StationDalat Railway Station

    Located at No.1 Quang Trung street, Da Lat Railway Station is considered the oldest station in Vietnam and Indochina. With its unique architecture of three pyramidal roof, which is stylized image of three peaks of Langbiang or Tay Nguyen communal house, the station is currently an attractive tourist attraction in Dalat.

    Here you can dress decent clothes and accessories, which look like you are waiting for a train, sightseeing through the glass door or confidently boarding the train to begin a journey to discover Dalat.

  • Dalat Education College

    Dalat Education CollegeDalat Education College

    The school, located at 29 Yersin, is a familiar image to anyone when coming to Dalat. The school was established in 1927, designed and directed by architect Moncet, completed after 8 years.
    The highlight of the school is a series of classroom school built with red brick arc ceiling which was transported from Europe, and tile roofs made in France, along with the 54 meters high bell tower stand out from the immense airy green space.

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