6 best vegan restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam

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6 best vegan restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam
When it comes to going vegetarian or healthy food, there is really no need to suffer. Da Nang is a Buddhist’s city, so it is not difficult to find vegetarian food.

Da Nang is an exciting, vibrant city with culture, beautiful landscape, and amazing vegan food right at your fingertips. Check out these friendly Da Nang vegetarian and vegan dining spots for raw food, veggie bites and lots more.
  • Karma Waters

    Karma WatersKarma Waters

    A vegan restaurant that not only serves food but also organizes homestays and delivers homemade, organic, vegan, products, Karma Waters is one of the better-known eateries in Da Nang. Founded by a small group of like-minded vegans, the restaurant has been around for 10 years and serves dishes like turmeric rice, seaweed soup, spicy rice cracker salads, and dragonfruit smoothies.

    Address: 34 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Da Nang

  • ROM – Revolution of Mushroom

    ROM – Revolution of MushroomROM – Revolution of Mushroom

    ROM’s ambiance is so cozy and Vietnamese that you will fall in love with it at first sight. Food, in addition, is fresh and yummy, with mushrooms present in most of the dishes. A great plus is the amazingly friendly and hospitable staff, who always welcome guests with radiant beams and considerate actions. The alluring Kombucha is also available here, give it a try.

    Address: 87 Hoang Van Thu, Da Nang

  • Hy Lac

    Hy LacHy Lac

    Hy Lac’s speciality is Mi Quang, a type of rice noodle cooked with turmeric. The vegetarian version is served in a bowl with peanuts, crispy slices of fried tofu, vegetables, and lime juice. The dish is usually served on special occasions in Vietnam, but at Hy Lac it is so affordable and addictive that it deserves to be a daily staple.

    Address: 378 Phan Chu Trinh, Da Nang

  • Hoa Sen Vegetarian restaurant

    Hoa Sen Vegetarian restaurantHoa Sen Vegetarian restaurant

    Situated in the center of Da Nang is the clean and airy low priced vegetarian restaurant called Hoa Sen. The restaurant brings different tastes to signature native dishes, it has a wide range of dishes such as rice noodles with fish sauce, rice noodles with crabs, mi quang, etc. Mi Quang is the signature dish, as well as one of the specialties of Quang Nam province. It is made from rice flour in white color or yellow color. The yellow one has its color from turmeric. Mi Quang is usually served with fried tofu, mushroom, taro, carrot, peanut, lime juice, and some fresh herbs and as well.

    Address: No 181, Nguyen Hoang Street, Da Nang

  • Thuy Restaurant

    Thuy RestaurantThuy Restaurant

    Being presented very modernly, people hardly know this vegetarian restaurant was formed for almost 20 years. In the early days, the food store was packed in only 50m2, serving only rice and yellow noodles.

    Nowadays, the store becomes bright, modern and extremely clean, with fast service. You can barely find another vegetarian restaurant in Da Nang having such a variety in menu like Thuy. Tables are nicely arranged, which feel crowded yet private at the same time.

    Address: No 122, Hoang Dieu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

  • Ans Vegetarian Cuisines

    Ans Vegetarian CuisinesAns Vegetarian Cuisines

    An’s welcomes you with a rustic yet authentic interior design. Decorated with paintings of green leaves, the space brings you a genuinely fresh and calm feeling. Their friendly and energetic staff contributes to the happy atmosphere it creates. If you are looking for an open space, head upstairs to the lovely full-of-plants balcony and enjoy the natural wind of Da Nang.

    Address: 169F Trung Nu Vuong, Da Nang City

  • Huong Khach

    Huong KhachHuong Khach

    Situated in the city center, this spacious restaurant has arguably the best atmosphere out of Da Nang’s many vegetarian restaurants. There is less of a hole-in-the-wall feel, which might disappoint some diners looking for an “authentic” experience, but on the whole this restaurant is ideal for large groups or families.

    Address: 106 Hoang Dieu, Da Nang

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