Do not miss these specialties as gifts when you leave Da Nang

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Do not miss these specialties as gifts when you leave Da Nang
Apart from the stunning natural beauty and peaceful life, Da Nang is well-known by its local souvenirs. While you are in Da Nang, do not miss the chance to get all the unique stuff as quick as possible. Look at these below recommendation to pack some of the best gifts for your family and friends.

  • Tre Ba De

    Tre Ba DeTre Ba De

    Tre Ba De is a Da Nang special cuisine made of pork. It has become not only the favorite cuisine of many local inhabitants but also a tasty dish that the people from all over the country love.

    In Da Nang, Tre Ba De is something similar to a “snack”. It is a spicy food that anyone ever tasted would never forget the mouthwatering flavor. At first, Tre Ba De looks like another famous dish that is really popular in the Northern part of the country called Nem Chao. However, Tre Ba De is cooked in ways differently. The main ingredients include the meat and the skin of the pig. They are then sliced into small stick-shaped pieces and mixed with garlic and galingale. The mixture is kept covered from 2 to 3 days until it has the unique and intriguing smell of fermented pork, galingale and garlic. A good Tre Ba De dish must be wrapped in banana leaves and guava leaves, which boost the fragrance and make dish taste better.

  • Cha bo Da Nang

    Cha bo Da NangCha bo Da Nang

    Cha bo is a specialty which many visitors want to buy when coming to Da Nang. Cha bo Da Nang is famous all over the country for its delicious flavor. Cha bo is made from 100% of fresh beef, the meat chosen is the beef thigh with the tendon removed then ground well. The special thing is no other ingredients as well as preservative is added except spices. Therefore, cha bo has its particular pink color and smell as well as a strong, sweet and crispy taste.

    If you intend to buy cha bo Da Nang as a gift, you can refer to some of the following famous addresses such as Mrs Huong’s Cha Bo restaurant – No. 4 Hoang Dieu street; Cha bo Sai Doi – No. 106/2 Ngo Gia Tu street; Mrs Ngoc’s Cha Bo restaurant – No. 54 Ha Huy Tap street.

  • My Khe seaweed

    My Khe seaweedMy Khe seaweed

    My Khe beach is not only famous for its beauty but also for its natural product. It is home to the kind of algae such as gold seaweed, propeller seaweed which offers a high export value.

    My Khe seaweed is also a gift you should buy when coming to Da Nang. This long, brittle and green seaweed plays an important role in many hand to mouth dishes as soup, salad, etc.

  • Cam Le sesame cake (Kho Me)

    Cam Le sesame cake (Kho Me)Cam Le sesame cake (Kho Me)

    Although sesame cake is the specialty of Da Nang, the most famous delicious cake is produce in Cam Le village. Sesame cake is made from rice flour, glutinous flour, sugar, ginger and sesame. The ones that are soaked into dried glutinous rice are called “Kho No” and the ones that are soaked into sesame are called “Kho Me”. The delicious cakes must be soft with soft sugar, well-dried sesame and when they are broken, the sugar must be like the thin yellow silk cords. Cam Le village at Khue Trung ward, Hai Chau district or specialties shop at Con market and Han market are familiar addresses that visitors often come to buy sesame cake as a gift for their beloved ones.

  • Nam O fish sauce

    Nam O fish sauceNam O fish sauce

    Fish sauce is very popular in Viet Nam with various kinds. Unlike the other kinds of fish sauce, Nam O fish sauce which is made in Nam O fishing village produces unique fish sauce from only long–jawed anchovy. The fish to make sauce is preserved by Ca Na salt which is taken form Ca Na beach in Ninh Thuan province. Therefore, Nam O fish sauce is dark red with a delicious aroma.

    The fish must be fresh and cleaned in sea water instead of fresh water to maintain its smell during long time of preservation. The vats must be made from special woods like jackfruit wood. In the first months of Lunar New Year, the preserved mixture is filtered through a piece of silk. Afterwards, we have dark red fish sauce with a good flavour which is called Nam O fish sauce.

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