7 best local seafood restaurants in Da Nang

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7 best local seafood restaurants in Da Nang
Da Nang is not only famous for spectacular mountains but also endowed with beautiful beaches. Therefore, it is often chosen as an ideal place to relax and enjoy fresh seafood. The list below is top 7 seafood restaurants that you definitely have to come when visiting Da Nang.

  • Be Man Seafood Restaurant

    Be Man Seafood RestaurantBe Man Seafood Restaurant

    Be Man is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Da Nang city. Be Man seafood restaurant is located on the road adjacent to the sea of Da Nang and always busy.

    Here the seafood is fresh. Although it is a simple scale, guests sitting on the side of the road, not focus on investment in the facilities of the restaurant but seafood prices equal to the big restaurants, crowded but very fast service, and the food is delicious.

    Address: 11 Vo Nguyen Giap st, Da Nang

  • Oyster Restaurant

    Oyster RestaurantOyster Restaurant

    Right from its name, we can know this restaurant specializes in seafood dishes made from oyster. There are many versions of Oyster such as grilled oyster, fried oyster, oyster soup, and so on. All are very delicious and good for your heath. Moreover, its menu is abundant with a variety of dishes from vegetables. A plus is that you can choose by yourself fresh ingredients to ensure quality of dishes.

    Address: 12 Vo Nguyen Giap St, Da Nang

  • Bau Troi Do

    Bau Troi DoBau Troi Do

    Head to Bau Troi Do for something different from the usual Da Nang fare. Chef Cong combines international techniques and fresh, local ingredients at this restaurant. Signature dishes include banana blossom salad with shrimp, steamed grouper, and a Japanese-influenced clam sashimi. Make sure you start your meal with typical Da Nang appetizers (quail eggs and boiled peanuts), for a truly special experience.

    Address: Bau Troi Do, Lo 2, Duong Hoang Sa, Da Nang

  • Ba Thoi Seafood

    Ba Thoi SeafoodBa Thoi Seafood

    Speaking of the best seafood restaurants in Da Nang, tourists would think of Ba Thoi restaurant first. This implies that the restaurant has gained a great reputation. Ba Thoi restaurant offers different kinds of seafood including Thailand style hot pot, steamed crab, grilled oyster, hot sour fish soup, and so on. But the signature dish here is crab with tamarind. In addition, airy atmosphere and enthusiastic staff also contributes to satisfaction of tourists.

    Address: 96-98-100 Le Dinh Duong St, Da Nang

  • Be Anh Seafood Restaurant

    Be Anh Seafood RestaurantBe Anh Seafood Restaurant

    Be Anh seafood restaurant is a relatively new restaurant in Da Nang, located on Ho Nghinh Street, the busiest and most expensive street in the Da Nang coastal area. Although not close to the sea, but the restaurant is always crowded. Be Anh seafood restaurant is a luxury restaurant with reasonable prices and good service. That is one of good restaurant to stop at Da Nang on your food tour in Vietnam.

    Address: 14 – 15 Ho Nginh, Phuoc My, Son Tra district, Da Nang

  • A Ty Seafood

    A Ty SeafoodA Ty Seafood

    After a long travel day with lots of entertaining activities, let’s come to Anh Ty restaurant to refill your energy with all kinds of great seafood. Fresh seafood and tasty cooking would definitely make you fall in love with this lovely restaurant.

    Address: junction of Hoang Sa St and Le Duc Tho St, Da Nang

  • Nam Danh seafood

    Nam Danh seafoodNam Danh seafood

    Hidden in a deep valley but it does not stop people from coming to this eatery. The menu includes seafood and vegetables including rice, snail rice noodles, grilled sweet snail with citronella, steamed squid with celery, which are made in a simple way to retain the sweetness of seafood. Most importantly, most of the dishes are offered at the same price, 60 thousand VND which is said to be cheaper than other places. If you are great into the simplicity of street foods, you should not miss this restaurant.

    Address: K139/59/38 Tran Quang Khai St, Da Nang

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