The wonderful things make you fall in love with Da Nang

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The wonderful things make you fall in love with Da Nang
Da Nang is recently considered the place that has many super beautiful beaches, romantic Han river, monumental bridges, delicious food, etc. You can see the earliest sunrise in Da Nang. Moreover, here are more reasons that will make you fall in love with it.

  • The sea is front, the mountain is behind

    The sea is front, the mountain is behindThe sea is front, the mountain is behind

    Da Nang is the only luckiest city in Vietnam that is favored by the Nature when there are both sea and mountains located close together. Therefore, Da Nang has numerous beautiful destinations with spectacular and charming sceneries.

  • Beautiful city views

    Beautiful city viewsBeautiful city views

    Da Nang was built next to the river and ocean and the city is also surrounded by mountains. That is why Da Nang offers view both for beach and city view lovers. The city is developing at a rapid speed and new skyscrapers are built all the time at the coastline. Da Nang reveals its gorgeousness especially during the nighttime when the beautiful evening lights turn on. Several bridges crossing the river are colorfully lit and the skyscrapers and boats give their own addition to illumination. The trademark of Da Nang is Dragon Bridge that changes its color and spits fire, smoke and water at weekend nights. You can see the fire show every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

  • Sun Wheel

    Sun WheelSun Wheel

    Though Sun Wheel in Da Nang is just open recently, it has been extremely popular and attracted a lot of visitors. This is one of the 10 world’s tallest ferris wheel which was officially launched at Asia Park Da Nang in August 2014.

  • Ba Na Hills

    Ba Na HillsBa Na Hills

    Ba Na Hills is considered as “Da Lat city” in the Central. Only 25km from Da Nang, the weather here is cold the whole year. On cloudy days, the whole of Ba Na is misty and covered by white. Coming here, the fact that you stroll beside the clouds is an extremely normal thing.

  • The administrative building of Da Nang city

    The administrative building of Da Nang cityThe administrative building of Da Nang city

    Located at Tran Phu, Ly Tu Trong intersection, overlooking the charming Han River, Da Nang City Administration Center is the highlight of the city. Designed in a modern style with a 175.5- meter block consisting of 34 floors, 2 basements, a four-storey podium and a cylindrical tower, the building is the featured facility marking a new beginning of public administration services.

  • Endless beaches

    Endless beachesEndless beaches

    The coastline of Da Nang continues as far as the eye can see and the whole way is sandy beaches. That is why it is not hard to spend laid-back beach life in Da Nang. If you want to have the whole beach for yourself, go in the morning or noon when the beaches are very quiet. The locals start to arrive only in the afternoon.

    On the beaches you can try various kinds of water sports and go for a snorkeling trip to the nearby Cham-island.

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