6 best bakeries in Da Nang, Vietnam

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6 best bakeries in Da Nang, Vietnam
While it might be better known for its seafood, there’s no shortage of delicious baked goods in the beachfront city of Da Nang. From soft cinnamon rolls to astounding buttercream creations, you’ll definitely get a satisfying carb fix here.

  • AVA Chocolate and Tea

    AVA Chocolate and TeaAVA Chocolate and Tea

    Run by an Austrian pastry chef, this bakery / tearoom might just be home to the best pastries in all of Vietnam. Obvious care, thought and skill goes into every creation – the colourful macaroons in particular are a delightful, elegant treat. Complementing the baked goods, AVA has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. The owners, Andy and Van, treat you like an old friend and are always happy to share their passion for their craft

  • Ba Hung Bakery

    Ba Hung BakeryBa Hung Bakery

    This traditional Vietnamese bakery is no-frills but offers high quality goods at very tempting prices. Their banh mis are famed locally for their delicious, fluffy homemade bread, making it a favourite on many Danang city tours. If you want to sample a typical Vietnamese baked good, try a pork floss roll for a simultaneously sweet and savoury treat.

  • BonPas Bakery and Coffee

    BonPas Bakery and CoffeeBonPas Bakery and Coffee

    BonPas is a popular bakery chain in Danang offering both French and Vietnamese-style treats. It’s a favourite among the city’s student population who appreciate its colourful drinks and Instagram-friendly interior. Even better looking than the venues themselves are the fantastic novelty cakes on offer – from teddy bears to pigs and penguins, these cute little creations are made to put a smile on your face (and in your tummy).

  • Cake Crush

    Cake CrushCake Crush

    If you’re looking to surprise a loved one on their birthday, look no further than Cake Crush. This twee little bakery specialises in amazing iced creations, designed to make each occasion sparkle. The fondant figures in particular are works of art and the piped flowers are wonderfully realistic. The only problem is that the cakes look so good you might be reluctant to cut into them.

  • Tiem Banh Mia Cake

    Tiem Banh Mia CakeTiem Banh Mia Cake

    Tiem Banh Mia Cake specialises in occasion cakes and is also famous for sensational tiramisu. Four-tiered cupcake towers, sailboat-shaped masterpieces and heart-shaped photo cakes for your special someone are all on offer.

  • Tiem Banh Gochipan

    Tiem Banh GochipanTiem Banh Gochipan

    This bakery is home to an array of Japanese-style baked treats, such as doryaki (red bean pancakes) and matcha cookies – but the real draw here is the milk bread. This fluffy moist bread is more akin to a cake than a western-style loaf and is a must-try – although once you start, you might not be able to stop.

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