Enjoy the most popular dishes in Myanmar

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Enjoy the most popular dishes in Myanmar
Burmese cuisine is lesser known as compared to Indian, Thai and Chinese food despite being bordered by these countries. Many Burmese dishes carry familiar hints of Thai or Indian flavors that could be easily discerned through its strong tastes and flavors.

Most ingredients used in Burmese dishes are fresh and organic. People find the most straightforward way to make food tasty, yet true to the original taste of the ingredients. Whether they consist of meat or vegetables, ingredients can be roasted, stewed, boiled, steamed and fried, or some combination of these, following no specific recipes. Some dishes are even served raw, such as tea leaf salad.
  • Mohinga


    It’s unofficial but if Myanmar were to name a national dish, Mohinga would be it. Flavored with turmeric, ginger, chili powder, garlic and lemongrass, this fish soup is breakfast in a bowl. It’s also, a street-food snack or the main dish of a comforting meal. Optional toppings include a sliced hard-boiled egg and akyaw, deep-fried crispy veggies and/or disks of lentil batter. The dish is seasoned to taste with a squeeze of lime and/or flakes of dried chili.

  • Tea Leaf Salad

    Tea Leaf SaladTea Leaf Salad

    Myanmar is one of the few countries where tea leaves are not only to be drunk but also eaten. Pickled tea leaf is a national favorite and this salad dish is often served at celebrations or ceremonies as a snack or dessert or even appetizer. This is the most popular Myanmar dish in daily life of Burmese people. It is usually prepared by mixing the sour, slightly bitter leaves, shredded cabbage, slided tomatoes, nuts and peas.

  • Shan-style Rice

    Shan-style RiceShan-style Rice

    Known as fish rice, this Shan dish is among the most typical Myanmar food. It combines rice that's been cooked with turmeric and topped with flakes of freshwater fish and garlic oil. This cuisine becomes a delicious snack when served with leek roots, raw garlic and deep-fried pork rinds. When staying at Sanctum Inle Resort Myanmar you can try this rice.

  • Nangyi Thoke

    Nangyi ThokeNangyi Thoke

    Tourists will love to try dry noodle dishes and the most popular one is nangyi thoke. The dish takes the form of thick, round rice noodles with chicken, thin slices of fish cake, par-boiled bean sprouts and slices of hard-boiled egg.

  • Claypot Noodle

    Claypot NoodleClaypot Noodle

    Essentially a claypot noodle in Myanmar, it is a popular Chinese-inspired dish that can be found along the streets of Chinatown. The noodle is served in a bubbling savoury broth topped with slices of soft-braised pork belly or shreds of beef, and three different types of vegetables for good measure.

  • Sweet Snacks

    Sweet SnacksSweet Snacks

    Unlike sweets elsewhere in Southeast Asia, sweet snacks aren’t generally packed with sugar. Burmese sweet snacks somehow always include grated coconut. It is essentially grated coconut with coconut milk wrapped in rice paper. The presence of coconut milk is similarly used in Thai cuisine. You could also add strands of noodles in it for a textural contrast or simply to make it a more filling snack.

  • Curry Rice

    Curry RiceCurry Rice

    It comes with slightly oily curries (choosing from chicken, fish, mutton, beef, vegetable or pork), rice, a bowl of lentil soup and 6 vegetable side dishes and a garlic chili dip. The variety of side dishes (potatoes, pumpkin, okra, broad beans, leafy vegetable, tomato salad, etc) may differ from place to place but this culmination experience remains the same.

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