Experience 48 hours in Mumbai, India

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 Experience 48 hours in Mumbai, India
Mumbai is a modern city where people can be quite open-minded. It is also known for its Bollywood culture, its slums and for its coastal views.

This itinerary for 48 hours in Mumbai incorporates the city's extremes to provide an engaging exploration of its various sides.
  • Taj Mahal Palace

    Taj Mahal PalaceTaj Mahal Palace

    Mumbai’s most famous landmark, this stunning hotel is a fairy-tale blend of Islamic and Renaissance styles, and India’s second-most photographed monument.

    Much more than an iconic building, the Taj’s history is intrinsically linked with the nation that it was the first hotel in India to employ women, the first to have electricity, and it also housed freedom-fighters during the struggle for independence.

  • Dhobi Ghat

    Dhobi GhatDhobi Ghat

    Dhobi Ghat is Mumbai’s 140-year-old, open-air laundromat, and it is estimated that each day half a million pieces of clothing are sent there from hotels, hospitals, and homes. Dhobi Ghat presents a chaotic scene. However, a closer look brings out the order in the chaos. Lines and lines of washed clothes are hung out to dry in a manner that optimizes both time and space. This is a labor-intensive process, and the washermen, also called dhobis, have a system in place that takes care of washing, sorting, and ironing. This experience will show you another side of India and make you realize how different and beautiful it is.

  • Colaba Fish Market

    Colaba Fish MarketColaba Fish Market

    Colaba Fish Market was one of highlights in Mumbai. It does smell quite bad, but it is a fish market, isn’t it? In reality, this is one of the best sights in Mumbai as it shows you the other sides of India and it allows you to be closer to the friendly locals. People smile a lot and it is a photographers’ heaven.

  • Bollywood tours

    Bollywood toursBollywood tours

    Mumbai is the center of India's booming "Bollywood" film industry. Over 100 films are produced each year there. It's possible to take a Bollywood tour to the heart of the action in Film City. It was built by the Maharashtra state government in 1978 to help the Bollywood film industry and provide facilities for it to flourish.

  • Elephanta Island

    Elephanta IslandElephanta Island

    An hour-long boat trip from the Gateway of India and you are out on a thickly-wooded island, a Unesco World Heritage site, and seemingly a world away from the mainland. Its rock-cut temples date back to the 5th century, their columns are carved out of the hillside and renowed for their mythological engravings. The largest cave, full of courtyards, shrines and halls, is fronted by a seven-metre-high sculpture of Shiva, the destroyer.

  • Yoga House

    Yoga HouseYoga House

    This haven of pastel shades, scatter cushions and greenery in the bungalow of Yoga House is the perfect retreat from Mumbai’s mean streets. The menu is very creative and healthy, much of its vegan, raw. Signature items include its famous salads, 10-grain toasts, soups and gussied-up hash browns (with spinach, mozzarella and peppers).

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