Binh Ba Island, a charming island in Khanh Hoa

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Binh Ba Island, a charming island in Khanh Hoa
Binh Ba (Bình Ba) is an extremely hot destination in Vietnam, a beautiful country in South East Asia. This destination attracts a large number of tourists and many of them want to return again and again. If you are planning to visit this place, prepare for yourself the best things for a convenient trip to Binh Ba Island.

  • Watch the sunrise on Binh Ba island

    Watch the sunrise on Binh Ba islandWatch the sunrise on Binh Ba island

    There are a lot of beaches on Binh Ba island in Vietnam, but three of the most famous beaches are highly preferred and hold a special feature. The sunrise from the beach is a view worth dying for. There are mainly three famous beaches located here, namely Bai Chuong beach, Bai Nom beach, and Nha Cu beach. Each one has its own special characteristic for visitors to explore. In Bai Chuong, the best sunrise is to be seen. You have to wake up early in the morning to catch the most amazing view of the place.

    A tint of sun rays falling on the waves gives immense pleasure to the eyes and the heart. It is one of the most poetic experiences. The sky changing color is also one of the most beautiful features of the sunrises. Another famous beach is the Bai Nom. It is an ideal beach visited by the tourists who love camping. Another important reason what people enjoy here is stargazing. In this secluded area staring at the stars gives an exciting experience to the star lovers. Nha Cu beach is also loved by many visitors. People visit this beach mainly for scuba diving.

  • Swim and watch coral reef

    Swim and watch coral reefSwim and watch coral reef

    It is hard to skip when visiting Binh Ba Island is to hire boats to go to beaches and snorkeling to see coral. You just need to wear the life-jacket and lie on a buoy, face down the sea surface so you can contemplate the coral. Even, sometimes you do not need to go down the sea to watch coral. Occasionally, at Nha Cu beach, when the low tide gets on, each colorful coral reef will be exposed under the sun which is easily for you to contemplate, touch and enjoy.

  • Indulge yourself on fresh beaches

    Indulge yourself on fresh beachesIndulge yourself on fresh beaches

    If you are looking for a place away from the noisy environment and overcrowded areas, Binh Ba Island is the best place to spend your time. Historically speaking, it was a military island, which had restrictions on people outside entering this island. So, it was not that famous previously.

    Now, the rules have been loosened, but foreigners are still banned. This is also the reason why until now Binh Ba Island was not that popular. Only a few tourists have heard about this place and come here. About 700 households with over 5000 people live here which makes it one of the uncrowded island free from a noisy environment. You need not even worry about camping if you visit this place.

  • Rent a motorbike and explore the island

    Rent a motorbike and explore the islandRent a motorbike and explore the island

    Another interesting activity in Binh Ba Island tourists can try out is to rent a motorbike to explore this island. The price of rental is VND 100,000/day. There are a lot of spots having this service in the island, and most hostels have this service. You should ride your bike to Bai Chuong in the early morning to contemplate sunrise before running off the road to explore the mountain passes.

    The island offers many chances for you to observe the entire Cam Ranh bay. Some old ruins like bunkers, cannon pedestal, mountain tunnel are also worth your visit. At Nom beach, there is a park zone planted many trees. You can rental hammocks nearby. A siesta, cool sleep, swinging with the waves and the sea breeze is fantastic there.

  • Eat seafood

    Eat seafoodEat seafood

    Binh Ba Island is not only a great destination for tourists to enjoy natural scenery but also a heaven of fresh seafood with very cheap price in comparison with other tourism sites in Vietnam. This island is also known as “Lobster Island”. The reason is because when traveling to Binh Ba Island, you definitely cannot miss local specialties, especially lobsters which are very fresh and sweet.

    The special thing of this food is its freshness because it will be processed instantly and directly after being caught. Besides, you should also try some other dishes such as steamed crab, fish salad, fried squid, etc.

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