Come to these water parks in Vietnam this summer

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Come to these water parks in Vietnam this summer
Summer is here and there is no better time than now to visit a Water Park. It is the perfect place not only for children but for you adults as well to let go of your inhibitions and scream your head off on super-steep water slides, basically have lots of uninterrupted fun with your family and friends.

  • Ho Tay Water Park, Ha Noi

    Ho Tay Water Park, Ha NoiHo Tay Water Park, Ha Noi

    Inaugurating on 19 May 2000, Ho Tay Water Park used to be a phenomenal at that time which was the first rank attraction in not only Ha Noi but also Northern Vietnam. Huge amount of investment brings to this 35,560 m2 complex the most modern facility in the South East Asia at the time.

    Visitors seeking for strong high surf do not need to go to the seas because Ho Tay Water Park features a 3m depth wave-making pool with its waves of 1,2m high. Extreme experiences can be collected in a system of swinging ropes and diving pool of 3,5m in depth. For ones enjoy relaxing moment may lay on a buoy, then let the artificial currents of the 450m long “lazy-stream” drive you around the park while sunbathing and sightseeing the poetic West Lake outside the complex. Children are prioritized with a large area well designed with funny cartoon characters and colorful lanes of lower height. Near this zone are a wide array of food and drink serving stalls as well as many eye-catching fountains and statue for taking photos.

  • Suoi Tien Water Park, Saigon

    Suoi Tien Water Park, SaigonSuoi Tien Water Park, Saigon

    Despite being quite far away from the downtown center of Ho Chi Minh City (about 40km), Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream) is still a deserving amusement park for your Vietnam day trips. It derives from a legend that there were seven beautiful girls died and magically became fairies in this area, which was also the inspiration for building and developing such a large amusement park as you see nowadays.

    As for the structure and design of the park, it is easy to realize the Oriental architectural elements everywhere, ranging from statues, buildings to outdoor games; all are based on Vietnamese’s oriental beliefs and represent their desire for happiness, fortune, and wealth. Besides entertainment games, here is also where you can take a chance to experience traditional activities as well as cultural festivals, e.g. Hung King Anniversary, Lunar New Year, and Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

  • Dam Sen Water Park, Saigon

    Dam Sen Water Park, SaigonDam Sen Water Park, Saigon

    Dam Sen Water Park in Saigon is divided into 30 parts, and features several activities, restaurants, and shows including a floating restaurant and a lake similar to West Lake where you can fish. There is even more such as a puppet show, a bird garden, a sports center, a water park of course and the Nam Tu Royal Garden.

    A trip to a Water Park should be a mandatory event for every family, the adrenaline rushes and fun there simply cannot be matched anywhere else. There is something very relaxing about floating down on one of the ‘Lazy Rivers’ that make you feel as if the waves were carrying all your stress away.

  • Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Amusement Park, Khanh Hoa

    Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Amusement Park, Khanh HoaVinpearl Land Nha Trang Amusement Park, Khanh Hoa

    Another fantastic attraction in Vietnam is The Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Amusement Park, which is designed to be an independent recreational area and is conveniently linked to the 5-Star International Vinpearl Resort. The Water Park is proud to accommodate South Asia’s biggest wave pool and if you thought that was impressive, wait till you hear this, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang is also home to the longest sea cable car in the world.

    The water slides in the park operate on a timely schedule so grab a copy beforehand to ensure you do not miss out on anything. There are numerous water slides for you to enjoy and if you need a quick break then you can relax on the all year round blue sea while enjoying a panoramic view. The aquarium there is also worth a visit as it features a conveyor belt which moves under a body of water holding a variety of aquatic creatures.

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