The best spots to fill your stomach in Con Dao Island

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The best spots to fill your stomach in Con Dao Island
Con Dao Island does not have the wide variety of food that you would expect to find in most Vietnamese towns, but there are still some good options for a nice meal on the island that you can taste the local food or tasty specialties of Con Dao.

  • Thu Ba Restaurant

    Thu Ba RestaurantThu Ba Restaurant

    Thu Ba restaurant always makes it to the top when it comes to the best restaurants on Con Dao Island. Whether it is fish, seven-eleven crab, shellfish, lobster, or squid, this restaurant has them all. Supplied by the local fishermen and prepared by the skillful chef, the delicacies here will satisfy your taste buds starting with your first bite.

  • Bar200 Con Dao

    Bar200 Con DaoBar200 Con Dao

    With an attractive terrace and cosy interior, this popular cafe is great for coffee (including espresso and cappuccino) or smoothies, plus Western comfort grub including filling breakfasts, burgers, pizza and sandwiches. After dark the beers and cocktails start flowing. It is run by a friendly team who are clued up on island info and can help plan days out.

  • ATC Resort Restaurant

    ATC Resort RestaurantATC Resort Restaurant

    This is the pick of the resort restaurants in Con Son town. There is an extensive and reasonably priced menu with all sorts of classic Vietnamese dishes on it. The food is fresh and well-presented.

    Try the canh chua ca (sour fish soup), a southern classic. First and second floor seating offer great views over the promenade and out to sea. It is a particularly good spot for a late lunch, after the Vietnamese tour groups have left, you will have the restaurant and sea views all to yourself.

  • Infiniti Cafe

    Infiniti CafeInfiniti Cafe

    This popular cafe serves fruit juices, smoothies, coffee, cocktails and ice cream. It also bakes its own bread (try the homemade pizzas) and offers excellent western-style dishes, including set breakfasts. It is a cute, ‘mini-cafe’ of the sort that is trendy in Saigon and Ha Noi. The staff are young and friendly. It is great for a refreshing drink in the middle of the day or a relaxing post-dinner cocktail. Undoubtedly the ‘trendiest’ place on the island and a good place to meet other travelers.

  • Villa Maison Con Dao Restaurant

    Villa Maison Con Dao RestaurantVilla Maison Con Dao Restaurant

    A supremely relaxing and elegant setting for a meal, this fine hotel restaurant features Asian dishes like pan-fried fish with lemongrass and chili and great Vietnamese curry. There is a comprehensive wine list, including options by the glass, as well as superb cocktails and mocktails.

  • Con Dao Night Market

    Con Dao Night MarketCon Dao Night Market

    The area around the intersection of Tran Huy Lieu and Nguyen An Ninh streets has recently been turned into a night market. There are currently around a dozen stalls selling food and souvenirs. Food includes local shellfish, hotpots, and soups. It is reasonably-priced, good quality and a nice place to spend an hour or two eating and drinking in the cool evening air. Perhaps this night market might one day become as popular and lively as the one in Duong Dong town on Phu Quoc island.

  • Con Dao Fishing Village

    Con Dao Fishing VillageCon Dao Fishing Village

    What does the life of a fisherman look like? Take a morning stroll to Con Dao fishing village and find the answer yourself! It is such an amazing opportunity to observe the fishermen working and see the joy on their faces at a close distance. Do not forget to buy some because the best seafood is nowhere else, it is right here.

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