Top attractions in My Tho, Vietnam

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Top attractions in My Tho, Vietnam
The closest Mekong Delta city to Ho Chi Minh City, My Tho was the center of the ancient civilization of Funan from the 1st to 5th centuries AD, before the culture mysteriously disappeared, no one really knows the reason, and it was not until the 17th century that the modern city was established, by Chinese refugees fleeing Taiwan.

During the Vietnam War, My Tho was one of the centers of operations for American and Australian troops. The largest battle in the Mekong Delta was fought in 1972 at Cai Lai, only 20 km (12 miles) outside the city. Today My Tho is known as a supplier of fruits and fishes.
  • Vinh Trang Pagoda

    Vinh Trang PagodaVinh Trang Pagoda

    Giant Buddha statues tower over the beautiful grounds of this peaceful temple around 1km east of the city centre, where the monks maintain an ornate sanctuary, decorated with carved and gilded wood. They also provide a home for children in need; donations welcome.

  • My Tho Waterfront

    My Tho WaterfrontMy Tho Waterfront

    The Tien River is the uppermost tributary of the Mekong Delta and is a spectacular place any time of day. The waterfront promenade in the city centre is a perfect vantage point to see the cargo boats and passenger ferries go about their daily business. I must say that the area is at its most glorious as sunset approaches and local families flock down there to appreciate the cool evening breezes. You will find plenty of drink stalls and cafés there and if you are keen on rooftop bars there is a great one to be found at the nearby Minh Quan Hotel.

  • Phoenix Island Sanctuary

    Phoenix Island SanctuaryPhoenix Island Sanctuary

    This island sanctuary is a faded version of its former glory but if you love kitsch, come for the model Apollo rocket inexplicably mixed in with Buddhist statues. Private boat tours can include the island.

  • Hu Tieu 44

    Hu Tieu 44Hu Tieu 44

    The speciality here is carnivore-friendly hu tieu My Tho, the vermicelli-noodle soup speciality of My Tho. It is garnished with fresh and dried seafood, pork, chicken, offal and fresh herbs. It can be served with or without broth.

  • Markets


    There are some popular markets in the area and your time in My Tho is not complete until you have visited one. Set-up either on or beside the waterways, markets on the Mekong are unlike any other in the country.

    My Tho Central Market: Located as the name suggests, it is smack bang in the centre of it all and a great place to come and see local products and people.

    My Tho Night Market: If you are hungry from a big day on the river or feeling a bit peckish after watching the sunset, wander along to the tourist boat stations and you will find dozens of makeshift food stalls. Choose from hundreds of reasonably priced dishes cooked right in front of your eyes! It is a great place to soak up the environment and get a fresh, delicious and cheap Mekong dinner.

    Cai Be Floating Market: Cai Be is located about 40km West of My Tho and can be reached within an hour by local bus, taxi, hire car or motorbike. The floating markets here are the closest you will find to Ho Chi Minh City and while smaller than the famous Can Tho Markets, it is much more authentic. Tourist boats can be hired any time of day in Cai Be but my tip would be get there at not too long after sunrise to see it at its liveliest!

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