Explore Vinh Hy Bay of Vietnam

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Explore Vinh Hy Bay of Vietnam
Vinh Hy Bay, with its crystal-clear blue water, is critically acclaimed as the Ha Long Bay of the Middle Part of Vietnam. This town has become a focal point for locals and tourists in search of a Vietnam beach holiday. If you want to look for somewhere a little quiet then the lovely Vinh Hy Bay is certainly somewhere to consider.

 Located in Vinh Hy Village of Ninh Thuan Province, the bay is 40km away, both, to the Northeast of Phan Rang City and to the southeast of Cam Ranh City. The lovely white sandy beaches sit below mountains where waterfalls, caves and forests are an added attraction. The bay generally glitters in the sunshine all year long except the stormy winter months of October, November, and December. 
  • How To Reach There?

    How To Reach There?How To Reach There?

    To reach Vinh Hy, starting from Phan Rang City, one passes Tri Thuy Bridge and then follows the Provincial road 702 to the Northeast. The ride is truly scenic because of the meandering road curves along the ocean. On one side is the green meadow with flocks of sheep grazing lazily and on the other is the crystal blue ocean. The whole ride takes about an hour.

    There is a wide range of accommodation options available to meet the diverse needs of any traveller. On the upscale end is Amanoi Resort, located on the luxuriant green mountains of the Nui Chua National Park, with 36 elegantly designed villas that come with private pools and stunning views of the bay. The three-star Vinh Hy Resort wins in the mid-range market with the standard hotel amenities such as a restaurant, coffee shop, fitness centre, etc. There are many other small local hotels that are perfect for travellers on a budget.

  • Tourist Attractions

    Tourist AttractionsTourist Attractions

    Visiting the spectacular coral reef reserve is a must-do item on the itinerary of every visitor to Vinh Hy Bay. Often called ‘the forest in the ocean’, the coral reef is full of colours and motions, reflecting the liveliness of the marine world. The best way to explore the reef and feast your eyes on the bay is to rent a glass-bottom boat and go snorkeling to observe the reef up close.

    After the visit to the coral reef, one can have a quick trek to the rocky hills on Ba Dien Beach or the Da Tron rock pool for a glance of the rocks in all shapes and sizes, and a gentle salty breeze. The fare for a glass-bottom boat trip ranges from VND60,000-600,000 (US$3-30) each.

    Besides Ba Dien Beach, many other pristine beaches with stunning natural views at Vinh Hy Bay wait to be explored by visitors. With names such as Cha La, Rang, and Nuoc Do, the beaches are worth exploring and are perfect spots for travellers to relish the scenic ocean and soak up the glorious tropical sunshine. Don’t forget to visit the Dolphin Cape, whose shape amazingly resembles the clever mammal living in the ocean.

    To the South of the bay, Hang Rai is a breath-taking architectural masterpiece of Mother Nature, still mostly unknown to common tourists. A complex mix of an ancient coral reef and a rocky cave under the constant erosion of a tidal wave, Hang Rai, during the sunrise and sunset, is definitely a paradise for any photographer and adventurous traveller.

    Want a break from the ocean? A 15-minute walk through a hanging bridge will take you to the Nui Chua National Park, a scenic mountainous paradise that comes with natural diversity. With the Chua Anh peak over 1000m above sea level, the landscapes at Nui Chua National park greatly vary. From the savannas recalling Africa with the flourished reptilian kingdom, to the semi-arid forest to the evergreen forest above the 800m level, one can either enjoy the fresh air of the tropical forest scented by over 100 varieties of orchid or dip yourself in the crystal clear water of the Lo O River, adorned by the beautiful rainbows on sunny days. The pristine Binh Tien Beach at the Park is one among three beaches at Vinh Hy Bay reserved as turtle conservation areas, the homes for hundreds of them to lay eggs every September. Many other marine animals such as dolphins and whales are also often seen in the bay.

  • Specialty: Seafood

    Specialty: SeafoodSpecialty: Seafood

    Travellers have a chance to explore the coastal villages and the simple lives of the local fishermen and their families while having a succulent seafood fiesta. Vinh Hy is famous for its bountiful seafood, some of which are totally unfamiliar to the taste buds of the Western expatriates, but definitely tasty. Their names are not any less peculiar – hand-shaped snail, fragrant snail, in addition to sea urchin, among others.

    Paying a reasonable service fee, one can visit the buoyant net, where a great variety of seafood such as lobsters, snails, and shrimps are raised. One can also experience sailing the round boat to go fishing or simply buy the freshly caught seafood from the fishermen’s boats at prices ranging from VND150,000-400,000 ($7-18) per kilogram, depending on the kind of seafood travellers desire. The seafood buffet will certainly give all the travellers an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

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