3 wildest Vietnam islands that you should never miss

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3 wildest Vietnam islands that you should never miss
Co To, Ly Son, Nam Du are the 3 islands famous for their primitive beauty. Once visitors come there, they instantly feel calm and collected, especially those who need a break after a stressful time at school or work.

  • Co To

    Co ToCo To

    Co To is an island located in the east on Quang Ninh Province. It's 80 kilometers away from Ha Long City. Tourists can easily transport to Co To by boats from Cai Rong port.

    When reaching Co To, it's recommended that visitors should come to Hong Van beach and Van Chay beach first, also known as 2 most beautiful beaches on the island. White sands, clear seawater and blue skies are what make them so hard to forget. Aside from the beaches, other things worth noting in Co To are the lighthouse, the beautiful sight of the grove of trees, the small paths all across the island and the colorful boats.

  • Ly Son

    Ly SonLy Son

    Ly Son, also known as Cu Lao Re, is a must-visit island in Quang Ngai, a province located in the Central of Vietnam. To be able to reach Ly Son, tourists must be present at Sa Ky port before 8am to catch the cruise ship departing to Ly Son. After arriving, tourists can hire a motorbike with an affordable price to explore around the island.

    To describe Ly Son, the word "beautiful" is not enough. There is a reason why it's called "Pearl of the Ocean" in Vietnam. It's highly recommended to spend at least 2 days in Be Island, an islet of Ly Son, so that tourists can fully enjoy the sight of rocks, skies and seawater blended together like a canvas. The beaches are small but they are still ideal for campsites and even honeymoons.

  • Nam Du

    Nam DuNam Du

    Located in the southernmost of Vietnam, Nam Du is indeed the rough gemstone of the south. It's an island in the southeast of Phu Quoc. Even though Nam Du is less known compared to Co To and Ly Son, it doesn't fall behind in terms of raw beauty and spectacular views. Tourists can travel to Nam Du through a cruise ship from Rach Gia City, it only takes 3 hours to reach this beautiful island.

    Since Nam Du is still a wild island, it's bound to be difficult to move around in Nam Du. However, after being able to reach breathtaking beaches like Men Beach or Nhum Beach and sinking feet into the water, most visitors realize that all the hardships are all worth it. Aside from the sea, visitors also love enjoying the sunrise/sunset, climbing on top of the lighthouse or simply talking to the locals. The pleasant time in Nam Du almost makes everyone forget to come back home the next days. It's hard to go through such experience in the urban areas, hence most tourists really appreciate their time in Nam Du and treat it as a precious memory that they will never forget.

Source: wiki-travel.com.vn

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