6 interesting outdoor activities in Vietnamese Central Highlands

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6 interesting outdoor activities in Vietnamese Central Highlands
Vietnamese Central Highlands, a one of the regions in Vietnam with 5 provinces, is a plateau located in the central part of Vietnam.

It is home to a large population of ethnic minorities such as Ede, Bana, Giarai, etc. Therefore, there are lots of impressive tradition and culture that highlight special features of Highlanders. Apart from fantastic foods and friendly local people, we cannot forget to mention the interesting outdoor activities here.
  • Discovering the hidden stories in Chu Mom Ray National Park

    Discovering the hidden stories in Chu Mom Ray National ParkDiscovering the hidden stories in Chu Mom Ray National Park

    Chu Mom Ray has the highest biodiversity of Vietnam and is the only national park in the country adjacent to Laos and Cambodia. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history fan, or both, this park can please you all. Come to Chu Mom Ray, you will not only have the opportunity to explore the rich natural resources but also visit historic attractions such as the Truong Son Road, H67, the military base of the Central Highlands, Bo Y international border gate, and Yaly hydropower plant, Vietnam’s largest underground hydro-electric power plant.

  • Wandering around Lak Lake

    Wandering around Lak LakeWandering around Lak Lake

    Lak Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Daklak province. In the rainy season, when the water level rises, you will be mesmerized with a big tide of lotus and water lily. Around the lake, there are large mountains covered by primitive forests. Jun village, a famous village of the M’nong people, is located near the lake.

    Around the lake, historical architecture such as the Bao Dai emperor palace and the longhouse of the M’Nong can be found. Come here and you will not only enjoy camping in a peaceful atmosphere but you might learn something about the traditional fire dance, elephant riding, and paddling on the lake.

  • Playing with the elephants in Yok Don National Park

    Playing with the elephants in Yok Don National ParkPlaying with the elephants in Yok Don National Park

    Yok Dok National Park offers a huge range of outdoor activities as kayaking or watching animals. What makes this park (and also this province) unique is a big number of elephants make this area their home. There are lots of amazing activities that you can do with the elephants, but the most unique is a program called “For one day become an elephant supervisor”. You will get up at six in the morning, learn about elephant habits, and dive deep into the forest to keep track of the elephants. So don’t forget to come, say hi, and have fun with them.

  • Exploring Chu Bluk Volcano Cave

    Exploring Chu Bluk Volcano CaveExploring Chu Bluk Volcano Cave

    Exploring Chu Bluk is an interesting and challenging activity since this is the largest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia. There are no footprints or human traces, as you wander you may feel like the only person to have discovered this unique area. There are more than 100 caves, and each cave has its own beauty which was created by lava flows dating back millions of years ago.

  • Jogging around Bien Ho (T’Nung Lake)

    Jogging around Bien Ho (T’Nung Lake)Jogging around Bien Ho (T’Nung Lake)

    It is said that Bien Ho (T’Nung Lake), also known as the eye of Pleiku, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam. This lake was formed by a volcanic crater. If you stand on the shore looking away, you will see a vast blue sheet of sea water. This lake is located on the mountain, so when you stand on the shore, the sea breeze in combination with the coolness of the forest will give you an extremely refreshing feeling. Jogging through the jungle is the right way to discover its mysterious beauty.

  • Visiting fierce waterfalls

    Visiting fierce waterfallsVisiting fierce waterfalls

    This highland has many impressive waterfalls for you to explore, including Yaly waterfall (Yali commune, Sa Thay district, KonTum province), Thuy Tien waterfall (Tam Giang town, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak province), Dieu Thanh waterfall, Ba Tang waterfall (Dak Nong province), Krong Kmar waterfall, Gia Long waterfall, Đray Nur waterfall, Đray Sáp waterfall (on Serepok River, Dak Lak province), etc.

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