Ben Tre, Vietnamese land of coconut

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Ben Tre, Vietnamese land of coconut
Ben Tre is a province in Mekong Delta, also known as Land of Coconut. Located at the end of Mekong river, it possesses a dense network of canals and immense coconut gardens.

Additionally, Ben Tre also has many other fruits gardens scattered all around, mostly concentrated in Cho Lach (Chợ Lách) and Chau Thanh (Châu Thành) district.
  • Visit Ben Tre Orchards

    Visit Ben Tre OrchardsVisit Ben Tre Orchards

    As the fertile flatlands with the vast waterways and the lush orchards almost everywhere, Ben Tre encourages the travelers to visit its variable orchards. If you come in the right seasons, expect to savor a variety of fruits, from durian to rambutan. As usual, the visitors can walk around the orchards, take pictures of them, and try them out. Moreover, the garden exploration might involve the performance of folk-songs. What could be greater than listening to the beautiful Vietnamese folk-songs while tasting the fresh fruits? You surely love the experience. A good recommendation is Cai Mon Fruit Garden.

  • Experience Rice Paper Villages

    Experience Rice Paper VillagesExperience Rice Paper Villages

    The best addresses to find the rice paper villages in Ben Tre are My Long and Son Doc, Giong Trom District. The local rice paper is famous for the fine taste. The local people tend to keep their know-how secretive to the outsiders. Coming to these villages, you will first surprise at the big pictures of plenty rice papers extended on the ground to be dried by the sun. The visit might interest some souls.

  • Take boat trip in Turtle Islet

    Take boat trip in Turtle IsletTake boat trip in Turtle Islet

    Turtle Islet, Ben Tre Province is one of the four outstanding islets in Mekong Delta and draws lots of people no matter they are domestic or international because of its rustic and delightful charm. The islet’s name is based on one of the four mascots according to the Vietnamese’s cultural tradition, including turtle, unicorn, dragon, and phoenix. One remarkable point which enhances the value of a trip to Ben Tre is the 22 km waterway on Tien River, stretching from the center of Ben Tre City to the outside. It will be an advantage for you to take a boat trip around the Turtle Islet while relaxing in the temperate atmosphere and observing local activities. Such a boat trip can also be found in premier tours or premier group tours of some travel operators in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Watch birds in Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

    Watch birds in Vam Ho Bird SanctuaryWatch birds in Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

    This is a submerged area in Ba Tri, Ben Tre, around 120km south of Ho Chi Minh City, and is famous for the rich ecology. The area covers the wild forests with the rich flora and fauna. Especially, Vam Ho is a place for birds, there are around 84 bird species in 35 categories. For the best stork watching, April to October is the best time to go. Also, after 5 PM is a fascinating time to watch them. The flocks of thousands of storks look absorbing at sunset. They might together compose the enchanting song of the jungle. That song is powerful enough to awake every sleepy soul and make the silent night exciting. A boat trip would be preferable so that you break through the submerged forests and watch the wildlife freely. In Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary, you breathe the pure air, rest under the shadow of the primeval forests, witness the war relics, and enjoy stork watching. This well-preserved wetland is worthy.

  • Visit Traditional Coconut Businesses

    Visit Traditional Coconut BusinessesVisit Traditional Coconut Businesses

    Ben Tre is supposed to be the kingdom of coconut, and the most glittering thing here is that most traditional businesses are closely associated to coconut. In other word, coconut is the key material for renowned products in this water region. That is the reason why we should not ignore a visit to traditional coconut businesses when taking a chance to travelling here. While cruising along Ham Luong River, we can come across kilns used to produce activated charcoal by baking coconut shell. Further, nobody is not wowed by mills where coconut fudge, leaflet midrib brooms, and crafts with coconut fiber are created in artistic way. It is actually amazing to experience this visit.

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