Top must-see palaces in Indonesia

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Top must-see palaces in Indonesia
Many historical buildings and sites in Indonesia are older than the country itself, dating back to the era when the wonderful land was governed by separate ancient kingdoms. The historical and cultural heritage of those kingdoms are still cherished today, visited and studied, telling stories through generations.

So, discover the most beautiful ancient palaces is a good idea when visiting Indonesia.
  • The Royal Palace of Surakarta Hadiningrat

    The Royal Palace of Surakarta HadiningratThe Royal Palace of Surakarta Hadiningrat

    The Surakarta Keraton or Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace is a Surakarta sultanate palace which was founded by Susuhunan Pakubuwono II in 1744 as a palace replacement or the Kertasura palace which was devastated by Geger Pecinan in 1743. The Surakarta Keraton is one of the grandest palaces of its time. One of the architects of this palace was Prince Mangkubumi who also became the main architect of the Ngayogyakarta Palace.

    Most of the Surakarta Palace is white and blue with Javanese-European mixed style architecture. At present the Surakarta Palace is one of the attractions of Solo City. Most of the palace complex is used as a museum that stores various collections belonging to Kasunanan including various gifts from European kings, replicas of the palace heirlooms and gamelan.

  • Ubud Royal Palace

    Ubud Royal PalaceUbud Royal Palace

    This exquisite palace with strong Balinese architecture was the center of the Ubud Kingdom during Indonesia’s ancient kingdom reign. Ubud is still the Bali’s hub for art and culture, a feat reflected in the sophisticated palace that still holds various cultural performances regularly, from traditional music to theater and dance. The ancient royal family lineage of Ubud still lives in this palace, but some parts of the building are open for tourists, where they can observe the traditional impressive interior and decoration with Balinese-style stone carvings.

  • Maimun Palace

    Maimun PalaceMaimun Palace

    This historical landmark in Medan, North Sumatra, belonged to the Sultanate of Deli, established in 1888. Designed by a European architect, this palace is cherished for its eclectic interior, featuring elements of Malay cultural heritage, Middle Eastern architecture, Dutch ornaments, as well as influence from Spanish and Italian architecture. This ancient palace now serves as a museum, showcasing various historical artifacts, photographs, and weaponry.

  • Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon

    Keraton Kasepuhan CirebonKeraton Kasepuhan Cirebon

    Cirebon Kesepuhan Palace which was founded in 1452 by Pangeran Cakrabuana is one of the most beautiful Royal Palace in Cirebon. The meaning in every corner of the palace is even the most historic architecture. The front page of the Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace is surrounded by red brick walls and there is a pavilion inside.

    This monkey has a museum that is quite complete, containing heirlooms and royal collection paintings. One collection that is sacred is the Lion Barong Train which is the Sunan Gunung Jati Kencana Train. At present the train is no longer used but every 1st of Shawwal this train is issued for cleaning. The inner part of the Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace consists of a white main building in which there is a living room, a sleeping room and a king’s throne which has nine colored fabrics in the background symbolizing Walisongo’s figure.

  • Candi Ratu Boko

    Candi Ratu BokoCandi Ratu Boko

    Most of the relics from Hindu-Buddha kingdoms in Indonesia are in ruins, as their governance dates back to as early as the 4th-century. Candi Ratu Boko is among those who remain enough to be observed and studied. Archaeologists conclude that this site was a palace for the Mataram Hindu Kingdom in the 8th-century. The exquisite building is perched on top of a hill, embellished with stone carvings of the Hindu gods and figures. The structure is made of stones and those who have visited would agree that the historical site has a charming mythical feel.

  • The Royal Palace of Kuto Lamo

    The Royal Palace of Kuto LamoThe Royal Palace of Kuto Lamo

    Kuto Lamo Palace was built by Sri Paduka Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Jayo Wikramo bin Sultan Muhammad Mansyur Jayo Inglago is one of the Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in Indonesia which still stands firmly today. This palace was used by Palembang Darussalam sultans before the construction of the Kuto Anyar Palace in the Besak Fort of Kuto Anyer. Furthermore, Kuto Kecik was dismantled by the Dutch Colonial Government and built into the Dutch Resident’s House.

    The Kuto Lamo Palace is currently used as the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum and the People’s Struggle Monument (MONPERA) in South Sumatra during the Five-Day Five-Night Physical Revolution (January 1 to January 5, 1947).

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