Explore the most romantic destinations for couples in Vietnam

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Explore the most romantic destinations for couples in Vietnam
The best way to warm up your love is to travel to the romantic destinations. No need to go far, both of you can have ideal journey in Vietnam.

They can be Da Lat, Sapa, Mai Chau, Hoi An ancient town, Phu Quoc island or more. Below is a list of romantic destinations in Vietnam you can visit while visiting Vietnam.
  • Da Lat – city of love

    Da Lat – city of loveDa Lat – city of love

    If couples choose Da Lat as their dating destination, you will not be surely disappointed with this paradise of romance. Da Lat is not only the city of flower, but it is also the memorable city with the unique lifestyle in Vietnam. With a cool climate and romantic scenery, the “mist city” of Da Lat will certainly fill the trip with sweet things for the lovers.

    Many unforgettable moments in Da Lat for you are hand in hand going through every corner, enjoying the beautiful scenery, or the hot coffee in cold weather together. Also, you can visit the strawberry garden and Lang Biang, the Valley Love, iconic destinations for romantic love.

  • Sapa - Way to Heaven Gate

    Sapa - Way to Heaven GateSapa - Way to Heaven Gate

    Located in the northwestern of the country, the majestic Sapa is undoubtedly among the most romantic places in Vietnam. Sapa has both the diverse culture and natural landscape such as the valley of rice terraces, floating clouds, beautiful mountains, and hills. There are many things for you to explore and enjoy as the amazing views of the special culture of ethnic groups. In Sapa, you will feel the time is broken and there are only you and your lover.

  • Mai Chau - If not Sapa then Mai Chau

    Mai Chau - If not Sapa then Mai ChauMai Chau - If not Sapa then Mai Chau

    Sapa might be a little too crowded for couples seeking privacy but how great it is, there are lots of other beautiful places in Vietnam for you, Mai Chau is the most outstanding. This is the place where you can forget all the tiredness and worries of busy everyday life from watching the breathtaking view of rice fields to cycling along the beautiful narrow paths. It is perfect place for couples to fall deeply in love.

  • Hoi An – the ancient town

    Hoi An – the ancient townHoi An – the ancient town

    Hoi An is a honeymoon destination that couples have often visited in recent years. When traveling to Hoi An, you will be on an exciting journey with fascinating sights and interesting culture.

    Both of you just love the tranquility with beautiful old houses, empty streets or charming dishes immediately. That surely brings the soul of Quang’s land full of new experiences to the couples. In addition, you can also immerse yourself in the blue waters of Cua Dai Beach. Or, if you go to Hoi An on the full moon day, you will be able to release lanterns and watch the Hoi An ancient town with your lover.

  • Phu Quoc – island of beauty

    Phu Quoc – island of beautyPhu Quoc – island of beauty

    Phu Quoc, the Pearl island is famous for its stretches of white sand, clear blue beaches and suitable spaces for couples. There are many stunning places here such as Mui Ganh Dau, Hon Thom, Dinh Cau, Tranh Stream, Da Ban Stream, Bai Dai Beach and Ham Ninh Fishing Village. In addition, couples also enjoy great moments when resting here under ranges of coconut trees. High-quality resorts are wonderful choices for couples to enjoy their romantic holiday.

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