The amazing destinations you cannot miss in Ha Giang

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The amazing destinations you cannot miss in Ha Giang
Ha Giang province, which is the final frontier in northern Vietnam, is a tourist attraction with majestic and poetic scenery. In addition to Tam Son Twin Peaks or Dong Van Old Town, there are other things about Ha Giang attracting tourists from many different countries. Here are some amazing places to visit in Ha Giang for tourists to consider.

  • Heaven’s Gate

    Heaven’s GateHeaven’s Gate

    Quan Ba Heaven’s gate is located about 50 km north of Ha Giang town and it is the gateway to the geological park. Once upon a time, behind the gate was a kingdom of H'mong people with 4 districts Quan Ba, Dong Van, Meo Vac and Yen Minh. In 1939 the French built a huge wooden door, 150cm thick to divide this area from the rest. The door is no longer there, only a sign in both English and Vietnamese languages, Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate.

  • Vuong Palace

    Vuong PalaceVuong Palace

    This grandiose two-storey mansion was built for a local H’mong king by the French. Set in a hidden valley in the tiny village of Sa Phin, the building was renovated in 2006 and is a fascinating sight in such a remote region of the country. Sa Phin is around 15km west of Dong Van.

  • Ha Giang Khau Vai Love Market

    Ha Giang Khau Vai Love MarketHa Giang Khau Vai Love Market

    Khau Vai market, also known as Phong Luu market, Khau Vai love market, is located in the Khau Vai commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang city, and took place only once a year on the March 27 according to the lunar calendar. It is one of the most attractions when travelling in Ha Giang.

  • Lung Cu

    Lung CuLung Cu

    Around 25km north of Dong Van and just a few kilometres from the Chinese border, Lung Cu is a massive flag tower erected in 2010 to mark the northernmost point of Vietnam. The summit is reached by almost 300 steps from a mid-level carpark, and the views across rural villages are stunning.

  • Ma Pi Leng

    Ma Pi LengMa Pi Leng

    Considered as the King of passes in the north of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng has majestic scenery along with an interesting story about sappers breaking the stones and then paved ways on that craggy pass.

    If you stand on Ma Pi Leng’s top point and outstretch your arms, you will feel like you are flying in the sky. Indeed, the harmonious beauty of ground, sky, and mountainous scenes can steal the heart of any tourists.

  • Lung Cam Cultural Tourist Village

    Lung Cam Cultural Tourist VillageLung Cam Cultural Tourist Village

    Located in the narrow, incredibly picturesque Sung La Valley is the village of Lung Cam. Deemed a 'cultural tourist village' by the local authorities, the highlight here, aside from the stunning setting, is a century-old traditional Hmong house. The adobe structure, surrounding a stone-paved courtyard, was, in a former life, an opium emporium, and more recently featured in a Vietnamese film.

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