The best dessert spots in Penang

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The best dessert spots in Penang
Are you the the big fan of dessert? You love dessert, especially after a hearty satisfying meal. The kick just came out from nowhere, right? Here are some of the best dessert shops in Penang every hipster foodie must try.

  • Dolce Dessert

    Dolce DessertDolce Dessert

    The desserts at Dolce are not just dolce (sweet), they are also incredibly pretty. Exquisite crème brûlées, lemon pralines and passionfruit pavlovas are presented with such Instagrammable flair that it is almost a shame to eat them. This dessert place is also known for its macarons, which are a light, fluffy, not-too-sweet affair running the full gamut of flavours from orange butternut to pistachio and coffee.

  • Moody Cow

    Moody CowMoody Cow

    Moody Cow is like going to a bar, except you are having cake and coffee. The vintage furniture and elaborate Chinese screen are afforded extra class by dim lighting, wingback armchairs and a forest of potted plants that almost completely obscures the entrance. The prices are higher than at other cafés, but the cake slices are huge, preservative-free and meant to be shared with friends.

  • Bingsu 9 Korean Dessert Café

    Bingsu 9 Korean Dessert CaféBingsu 9 Korean Dessert Café


    Shaved ice might be a good choice to beat the hot weather in Penang. You should not miss out the Bingsu 9 located in Karpal Singh, which offers flavors for all. Even you are not a fan for cheesecake itself, their signature is something you have to try at least once in your life. A whole slice of cheesecake is paired well with the semi-sweet shaved ice, the best ever.

  • Norm


    If you want waffles, coffee, cocktails and a bit of joy, this is the place to have it all. Warm, crispy waffles are the norm here from the Regular Joe waffle topped with rich, melting butter to the Monkey Business banana split drizzled with chocolate sauce.

  • The Craftisan

    The CraftisanThe Craftisan

    Minimalists will love The Craftisan’s decor, coffee enthusiasts will love its cold brew, and sweet-toothers will love its dessert. The delicately crafted delícias de serradura (sawdust pudding) is served with soft gelato, while the decadent jackfruit panna cotta is topped with coconut flakes and gula melaka. For novelty, you can also try the unique Stacko Valentino, a crispy donut layered with whipped cream, fresh fruit and chocolate glaze.

  • The Alley

    The AlleyThe Alley

    When it comes to churros in George Town, nowhere does this Spanish treat quite like The Alley. This small and cosy café brings you cheesecake, cronuts and churros so crispy-soft you would wish that heaven was made of it. Perhaps that is why everyone always seems so suspiciously joyous here.

  • Narrow Marrow

    Narrow MarrowNarrow Marrow

    Tucked inside what used to be the living room of an artistic couple is an assortment of colourful bakes and cakes. Think salted gula melaka cheesecake and coconut clitoria cheesecake (made with the Asian pigeonwings flower), plus a side of coconut palm wine mojo to add some zing to your afternoon.

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