The best places to have desserts in Penang, Malaysia

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The best places to have desserts in Penang, Malaysia
It takes a lot for Penangites to swap their ais kacang (sweet shaved ice dessert) and pisang goreng (banana fritters) for other desserts – but swap they have, because these places have made Penang a sweeter place all around.

  • Dolce Dessert

    Dolce DessertDolce Dessert

    The desserts at Dolce aren’t just dolce (sweet), they’re also incredibly pretty. Exquisite crème brûlées, lemon pralines and passionfruit pavlovas are presented with such Instagrammable flair that it’s almost a shame to eat them. This dessert place is also known for its macarons, which are a light, fluffy, not-too-sweet affair running the full gamut of flavours from orange butternut to pistachio and coffee.

  • Merry Me

    Merry MeMerry Me

    The reason you’re here is simple: You want your Kopitiam (coffee shop) white coffee hot, and your salted egg cookies and your tau fu fah (soft beancurd in gula melaka, Malaccan palm sugar) iced, sweet and in a cone. Between salted egg Oreo ice cream and tau fu fah flavours topped with swirls of sticky gula melaka, this is the best place to indulge in your post-meal cravings without hitting the street stalls.

  • Norm


    If you want waffles, coffee, cocktails and a bit of joy, this is the place to have it all. Warm, crispy waffles are the norm here – from the Regular Joe waffle topped with rich, melting butter to the Monkey Business banana split drizzled with chocolate sauce. Culture Trip recommends the Go Go Coco, with coconut ice cream, homemade kaya (coconut jam) syrup and toasted palm seeds – because joy should be the norm, really.

  • Fourspoons


    Bring your friends, because Fourspoons shouldn’t be a one-person secret. This delicious hideout in Icon City, the new strip mall in Bukit Mertajam, delivers apple crumble pancakes, sweet potato waffles and black sesame soft-serve ice cream to your table or your door (even if it’s in Kuala Lumpur). Paralysed by choice? Go for the classic chocolate banana waffle – you may even forgo the optional four spoons and have one all to yourself.

  • The Craftisan

    The CraftisanThe Craftisan

    Minimalists will love The Craftisan’s decor, coffee enthusiasts will love its cold brew, and sweet-toothers will love its dessert. The delicately crafted delícias de serradura (sawdust pudding) is served with soft gelato, while the decadent jackfruit panna cotta is topped with coconut flakes and gula melaka. For novelty, you can also try the unique Stacko Valentino: a crispy donut layered with whipped cream, fresh fruit and chocolate glaze.

  • Crepe Cottage

    Crepe CottageCrepe Cottage

    Ever thought you could combine fresh honeydew, green tea and crepes? Well, it’s time to expand your gastronomic horizons at Crepe Cottage, where crepe-based sweets and savouries reign supreme. Between strawberry rolls, coconut parcels and mango crepe cups, you’ll be spoiled for choice at this simple, no-frills, cottage-style establishment.

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