Top destinations to visit in Son La

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Top destinations to visit in Son La
Son La is surely blessed with captivating landscapes and beautiful flowers. These are some of the most popular and worth-visiting destinations in Son La that tourists should come and see at least once in their lives.

  • Moc Chau

    Moc ChauMoc Chau

    Moc Chau is the largest highland in the northern Vietnam. Locating over 1,050 meters above sea level, Moc Chau has the subtemperate climate, therefore it's cool and refreshing all year round. As a result, Moc Chau attracts lots of tourists thanks to the favourable weather and breathtaking sightseeings.

  • Flower fields

    Flower fieldsFlower fields

    When spring comes, Moc Chau becomes a colourful canvas with flowers blooming in every corner of the region. Peach blossoms and plum blossoms are everywhere around the hilly areas. During summer, the weather is usually cool and it's an ideal time to catch an eyeful of ripe plums. When winter comes, it's marigolds and cauliflowers' turn to bloom and flaunt their beauty. After all, tourists can visit Moc Chau anytime and can still enjoy the sight of blooming flowers.

  • Pha Luong

    Pha LuongPha Luong

    Placing between the borders of Vietnam and Laos and over 2,000 meters above sea level, Pha Luong is called "the roof of Moc Chau" for a reason. This location is highly popular for the adventure lovers. Being able to climb on top of Pha Luong requires a lot of strength and stamina, it's no place for the weak. Once reaching the top, most people feel all of the hardships are worth it. The sights of the hills, mountains and clouds heavenly blended together will bring the most awesome experiences to anyone.

  • Ta Xua

    Ta XuaTa Xua

    Ta Xua is named "heaven for cloud-hunting" by the backpackers for a long time. With the mountain ranges and crooked paths, Ta Xua has the typical northwestern Vietnam beauty famous for its wild and majestic landscapes. Tourists can also witness the sight of the "clouds sea" and enjoy the feeling of being on real-life paradise.

  • Ban Mong hot springs

    Ban Mong hot springsBan Mong hot springs

    Hot springs have always been the favourite destination for the tourists. After a long day of exploring around the mountainous areas, it's best to dip oneself into the hot water and let the water massage all over our bodies. Nowadays, Ban Mong hot springs are even more popular domestically and internationally as hot springs are scientifically proved to be healthy and help treating skin problems.


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