6 best hiking trails in Taiwan

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6 best hiking trails in Taiwan
With over 20% of Taiwan designated as protected land either in the form of National Parks or reserves, the hiking opportunities in Taiwan are more than plentiful. Whether it is a short day trip just outside Taipei or an epic trek through the majesty of Yushan, there is something for all types of hiker.

  • Yangmingshan National Park

    Yangmingshan National ParkYangmingshan National Park

    Yangmingshan is Chinese for something like “Bright Sun Mountain”, and it is deserving of the name, catching a sunset here is breathtaking. It is the closest hiking destination near Taipei City, in Northern Taiwan, and it is also the island’s most popular hot spring destinations. The Yangmingshan National Park is Taiwan’s busiest national park due to it is close proximity to Taipei.

  • Yushan


    If mountains were royalty, Yushan (Jade Mountain) is the crown prince. At 3952m, it stands as the tallest mountain in Taiwan. The peaks are a snow-covered winter wonderland. It is the must-climb mountain for die-hard hiking enthusiasts. You need to apply for an entry permit and this is sometimes as hard as winning Toto because they resort to drawing lottery when there are too many requests.

  • Sun Link Sea

    Sun Link SeaSun Link Sea

    Sun Link Sea is a forest recreation area in Nantou county that has an elevation of 1600m to 1800m. Fluffy-looking China Firs and delicate white hemlocks cover the countryside. You can go slow from Hehuanshan and stroll through bamboo forests, or you could get serious and do a three-day hike from here to Alishan. This place has plenty of restaurants, accommodations and shops.

  • Alishan Scenic Mountain Area

    Alishan Scenic Mountain AreaAlishan Scenic Mountain Area

    Eryan Ping Trail Any tourist that makes it to these shores wants to see the sunrise at Alishan, and the best vantage point is said to be at the viewing platforms at the end of this trail. The walkway offers fabulous photo ops along the entire route so the trail can get quite busy.

  • Taroko Gorge

    Taroko GorgeTaroko Gorge

    Even if you have never heard of Taiwan’s mountains, you have definitely heard of Taroko Gorge. It is number one on practically every must-visit list in Taiwan. You need to apply for a permit to enter this haven. Taroko Gorge has ginormous marble canyons and rock formations.

    Even though Taroko itself is not a mountain, it links to Zhuliu Old Trail, which at its highest is 1100m. So you get to see both the famous gorge and climb a mountain at the same time. Hold your breath or it will be taken away by the incredible view.

  • Beidawushan


    Beidawushan is the most southerly mountain in Taiwan, reaching over 3,000m above sea-level at its peak. This trail, which is 10km in length, is one of the most popular overnight hikes in Taiwan, as the majority of the trail is easy to follow and it promises some incredible panoramic views.

    The Beidawushan Trail begins at an elevation of 1,520m and the majority of the path is clear and simple to follow. The second day of the trail includes a number of narrow ridges, as well as rope sections. You will also encounter a 1,000-year-old red cedar tree that is 25m in circumference, as well as Japanese-era shrines and rare forests of hemlock spruce. The trail ends at the summit of Beidawushan, from which you can observe both the Pacific Ocean and the Taiwan Strait on a clear day.

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