Explore the beauty of Yilan County, Taiwan

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Explore the beauty of Yilan County, Taiwan
Located in Northeast Taiwan, only 70 kilometers from Taipei City, Yilan is entirely separated from the urban life. This county features a peaceful beauty of nature and the lives of local people.

  • 1. Dongshan River Water Park

    1. Dongshan River Water Park1. Dongshan River Water Park

    Although only 24 kilometers long, Dongshan River has a beautiful setting and a diverse entertainment area located by the riverbank. Therefore, many visitors choose to visit this place during their trip to Yilan. The most famous tourist attraction by Dongshan River is Dongshan River Water Park. This park features underwater activities, an ecological conservation area, and an open-air theater. In addition, there are also bike lanes along the river for visitors to enjoy the poetic scenery of the riverside while riding bikes. Dongshan River Water Park is also home to major events such as the International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.

    Address: No.2, Sec. 2, Qinhe Road, Wujie Township, Yilan County
    Opening hours: 8am – 8pm daily

  • 2. Guishan Island

    2. Guishan Island2. Guishan Island

    Guishan Island is the top part of a high conical volcanic mountain formed by several layers of lava, pumice, and volcanic ash sprayed from the sea. The island is called Guishan (Turtle Mountain) because its shape looks like a turtle floating on the sea when seen from a distance. It is even more impressive that the island is covered by an endless green carpet of plants, surrounded by the immense ocean, creating beautiful natural scenery. Beside the green ambiance, Guishan Island is also home to a rich marine animal ecosystem including the Pacific whales and dolphins.

    Address: Toucheng Town, Yilan County. About 10 kilometers to the east of the town
    Transportations: To get here, from Wushi harbor, take a boat or ferry to the island for about 40 minutes

  • 3. National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA)

    3. National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA)3. National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA)

    Another popular attraction, also located on the banks of the Dongshan River, is the National Center for Traditional Arts. The center was established in January 2002 on a total area of 24 hectares. This is an agency of the Ministry of Culture(initially called the Council for Cultural Affairs), which aims to conduct research, preserve, and develop the traditional arts. The center is one of the most important tourist spots recommended for visitors when visiting Yilan. Here, visitors will have an opportunity to attend seminars, events, or programs about traditional Taiwanese arts. Besides the head office in Yilan, the center also has other subordinate units located in Taipei City and Kaohsiung.

    Address: No. 201, Section 2, Wubin Road, Wujie Township, Yilan County

  • 4. Lanyang Museum

    4. Lanyang Museum4. Lanyang Museum

    It can be said Langyang Museum is one of the highlights of Taiwanese architecture. The museum has unique exterior design and structure, which creates wonderful harmony with the natural surroundings. The overall architecture of the Lanyang Museum was inspired by the local natural elements, especially the Cuesta. Inside, visitors will find the reconstructed historical scene of Wushi harbor. In the Qing Dynasty, Wushi was a prosperous port, but now it only remains as a wetland. The museum also introduces a variety of local natural landscapes.

    Address: No.750, Sec. 3, Qingyun Road, Toucheng Township, Yilan County
    Opening hours: 9am – 5pm, from Thursdays to Tuesdays, closed on Wednesdays. Tickets are sold from 9am – 4.30pm

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