A quick guide to see cherry blossom in Taiwan

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A quick guide to see cherry blossom in Taiwan
Spring is in the air, which means it's time for Sakura or cherry blossom. In Taiwan, Sakura season lasts from late January to mid-April, which gives you a wide window to make your trip over and snap some shots of these pink blooms, made only more breathtaking by majestic views like waterfalls and lakes.

During the spring, various colors of cherry blossoms cover the island of Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Northern Taiwan are the biggest attractions with over 2,000 blossoming cherry trees.
  • Alishan National Scenic Area

    Alishan National Scenic AreaAlishan National Scenic Area

    Alishan is popular throughout the year as people take a trip up the mountain railway to witness the sunrise over the sea of clouds. However, cherry blossom season from January to April is the absolute best time to visit. The area is awash with color, and it’s simply breathtaking. If you’re heading to the scenic area, make sure to take the old train up part of the mountain. The scenery is spectacular, and it’s quite the experience.

  • Yangmingsan National Park

    Yangmingsan National ParkYangmingsan National Park

    Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei is undoubtedly one of the most popular if not the most popular places to admire cherry blossoms in Taiwan. And it’s really no surprise, with so many different types of cherry blossoms, like the Yoshino cherries, the Showa cherries, and the Yaezakura double cherries (double petaled blossoms!), Yangmingshan makes for the perfect opportunity for springtime floral photographs.

  • Tianyuan Temple

    Tianyuan TempleTianyuan Temple

    The majestic Taoist temple is situated in the quiet countryside in the Danshui district of New Taipei City (just outside Taipei) and can be reached within a 30-minute bus ride from Tamsui MRT Station. Besides the temple’s grand interiors, there’s also a huge garden showcasing a wide array of exotic flora on the temple grounds which draws heaps of locals who have gone to the extent of keeping tabs on the flowering progress. If you don’t want to miss the unparalleled beauty of Tianyuan Temple during cherry blossom season, head down in between mid-February and mid-March.

  • Wulai Waterfall

    Wulai WaterfallWulai Waterfall

    This small aboriginal village in the New Taipei City countryside is another popular day trip destination for locals, and on the weekends it can get a little busy. Here they have quaint little restaurants, an aboriginal cultural village, souvenir shops, a cable car that leads to a waterfall, and there’s even a public hot spring. Yes, there are lots of reasons to visit this beautiful little village, but during the cherry blossom season, its scenic surroundings become even more stunning.

  • Sun Moon Lake

    Sun Moon LakeSun Moon Lake

    Taiwan’s largest inland body of water is actually a man-made lake, but nevertheless, it is surrounded by unsurpassed natural beauty. There are cherry blossom trees dotted around Sun Moon Lake itself, but the best location to enjoy the spectacular colors is in the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village. The village is accessible by road, but you can also take a cable car ride if you’re feeling adventurous. The views are incredible, and there’s the added bonus that you’ll also learn a lot about Taiwan’s indigenous tribes during your trip here.

  • Wuling Farm

    Wuling FarmWuling Farm

    Home to several fruit farms and set in the spectacular mountainous countryside of Taichung, it really is the perfect setting to unwind. And during the early months of the year, the area is transformed into a veritable sea of pink flowers.

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