7 reasons why you should visit Cambodia at least one time

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7 reasons why you should visit Cambodia at least one time
Nothing symbolizes Cambodia better than the ancient and mysterious, vine-clad temple complex of Angkor Wat, which was constructed during the Khmer Empire.

Wherever you go, you will be welcomed by friendly locals, who will make you feel at home. Even the rural culture replete with stilted houses, floating villages, and lush rice paddy fields are all fascinating.
  • The people are super nice

    The people are super nice The people are super nice

    Thailand may well hold the official title of Land of Smiles, but the crown truly goes to Cambodia, where you are never far from a happy face. Not to take away from the Thais, who are also gentle by nature, but Cambodians far outweigh their neighbours with their generosity, open hearts, kindness and welcoming manner making visitors always feel at home.

  • Delicious food

    Delicious foodDelicious food

    Cambodia is truly a heaven for foods from delicious street food, fresh seafood, sauces, juicy burgers, rice to noodle preparations, curries, fresh juices, in general, Cambodia has all. They have their unique local flavours and amazingly cheap.

  • Remote islands

    Remote islandsRemote islands

    While the masses flock to neighbouring Thailand’s islands, Cambodia’s alternatives are often wrongly forgotten. That makes them unspoilt options, with the majority maintaining their authenticity and remaining off the mass tourism map. Koh Rong holds the crown as the party island, with nearby Koh Rong Samloem boasting pristine powder sands flanked by tropical flora.

  • Rich culture

    Rich cultureRich culture

    The Kingdom of Wonder comes coupled with a rich culture and heritage that runs through the veins of Cambodians. From magical apsara dancers, traditional music, elaborate ceremonies and stage shows, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant local scene.

  • Ancient history

    Ancient historyAncient history

    Ancient history will be the pride of Cambodian with the great Khmer Empire. From wandering around the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and discovering more about the kings who created them to the country’s switch from Hinduism to Buddhism and through to its recent violent past, the Kingdom holds a strong and fascinating history.

  • Stunning landscapes

    Stunning landscapesStunning landscapes

    Cambodia, ‘Land of Smiles’ or ‘Land of Temples’ is also pretty well known for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. If you wish to have a glimpse, head straight to Phnom Kulen National Park, a very popular mountain waterfall park, located at about 45 kilometres from Siem Reap. Enjoy trekking in the dense forest, take a dip in the mighty river that flows beneath or simply admire the stunning views of waterfall while you are there.

  • Cambodia is safe!

    Cambodia is safe!Cambodia is safe!

    Whether you are backpacker, honeymooning couple or a solo woman traveller, rest assured, you do not have to worry about safety. In the bigger towns, you will always find lots of tourists visiting Cambodian famous spots at any time.

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