Top interesting activities to do in Koh Rong, Cambodia

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Top interesting activities to do in Koh Rong, Cambodia
Koh Rong, the second largest island of Cambodia, is really a paradise island that you are looking for. It boasts pristine white beaches, crystal-clear water in a well-maintain natural area. If you are wondering what to do in Koh Rong Island and its remote Island, this guide will be all you need.

  • Go kayaking

    Go kayakingGo kayaking

    Rent a kayak, fill your dry bag with some water and sunscreen, throw on a life jacket and just go. There is so much exploring to be done around Koh Rong including “Small Island” which is visible from the main shore, mangroves over on Long Set beach, and nearby beaches like Police Beach. You do not have to be a kayak pro to manage in these waters as their pretty calm and you will not need to head too far out in the sea in order to find adventure.

    Your best bet is to rent a kayak either from one of the locals in Koh Toch village or over on Long Set beach at Sky and Sand bar. Each kayak rental is just under $5 for a half day. If you are not sure where exactly to explore, ask a local.

  • Enjoy live music at Bong’s guesthouse

    Enjoy live music at Bong’s guesthouseEnjoy live music at Bong’s guesthouse

    The word for ‘friend’ in the Cambodian language of Khmer is “bong”. Bong’s Guesthouse is a place where strangers become friends during live music nights where the draft beer is flowing and the vibes are laid back.

    They have got an island-style stage in the bar with amps and a microphone to turn the place into the best barefoot gathering spot in the evenings. Do you like to jam out? Talk to the bartenders about playing at Bong’s while you are on the island and they will be delighted to have you. There is also free beer all night long for anyone who graces the stage with their presence. Just prepare to have quite the adoring crowd.

  • Tour to Koh Ta Kiev Island

    Tour to Koh Ta Kiev IslandTour to Koh Ta Kiev Island

    Koh Ta Kive Island is a deserted and wild Island. If you are fond of exploring and want to be close to nature, this island is your perfect choice. The bar on the island offers seats for you to lay and relax, hang out with friends and admire the sunset. Toilets here are not in good condition and rooms have only mattress and mosquito net and have no power. Therefore, you should bring along a flashlight, sun cream, anti-insect and mosquito cream. The freshwater here is also in poor condition and sometimes it is run out of. You should prepare everything carefully if you want to have a wonderful exploration on this beautiful island.

  • Explore Sok San Village

    Explore Sok San VillageExplore Sok San Village

    The local residents of Son San village have only recently decided to open their little community to welcome backpackers. Away from the tourist trail on Koh Toch beach, you can expect a more local experience in Son San.

    Put your bags down in your room and have a wander around the village. Give high fives to the village kids, drink beers with the locals, and do not mind the chickens. If you wanted a taste of what rustic Cambodia was like, this will give you a glimpse.
    Do not expect anything lavish in terms of accommodation, however. You will find basic fan bungalows but with extremely welcoming owners, lower than expected prices, and unspoiled beaches nearby.

  • Get romantic at Sky Bar

    Get romantic at Sky BarGet romantic at Sky Bar

    The most amazing bird’s eye views can be seen from Sky Bar, possibly the most romantic bar on the island.

    Post up and watch boats jet in and out of the piers, take in views of the islands in the distance, and escape the heat with a nice treetop breeze. At night, pop a bottle of wine and order off their fantastic seafood menu as you cuddle up on some floor pillows with mellow music in the background. Sky Bar certainly gives you a change of pace from that backpacker vibe and allows you and your sweetie to get a bit more intimate.

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